Friday, December 10, 2010


This discovery began with some simple day-off-internet-trolling. I don't know how many people pay attention to the adverts alongside the craziness of a Facebook news feed... but for some reason this one stood out and was worth a further *click*.

Introducing Bachhara, a revolutionised fashion label and one of my latest loves. 

Bachhara is a collaboration between two leading ladies, Amanda Ryan and Natalie Armstrong, who joined forces earlier this year to bring us a label where the external beauty of garments can be worn with the knowledge that they are ethically produced and eco friendly.

Beginning with a small volunteering trip to Dhaka, founder Amanda Ryan developed a passion for the work of the JAAGO Foundation, as a school offering free education to the children of Bangladesh slums.  Working alongside JAAGO, she created the JAAGO Foundation Sewing Center - a sustainable solution to give support to the Foundation in their dream of providing education to even more underprivileged children. Using the knowledge and experience of fair trade expert Natalia Armstrong, Bachhara is committed towards meeting the 10 Standards of Fair Trade and achieving the World Fair Trade Organisation stamp of approval.

 How many of us stop and think about the manufacture of our wardrobes... 

Where was this made?
Who was employed, or not employed, to make it?
Is child labor involved?
Where was the material sourced?
Was it sourced ethically?
What impact does the manufacture have on the environment?

Bachhara do. 

They are a brand striving to become a leader in consumer awareness, working towards an ultimate goal of freeing the grassroot workers of the fashion industry, currently imprisoned by consumers in a third world reality.

As part of their mission,

Bachhara aims to inspire women to invest in unique and stunning fashion which reflects a beauty which is not immediately visible from the outside - a beauty which manifests itself through courage and compassion. Bachhara is for women who are brave enough to stand for their beliefs. Bachhara is for women who are bold enough to be part of a revolution.

Now for the products... 

Bachhara are the epitome of 'boho luxe'. Their summer 2010 collection oozes elegance, with floating dresses and kaftans in bold colours and pretty prints.

The kaftan's are made from 100% ethically sourced silk, and would make for an elegant accomplice to any basic bikini this summer. 

The dresses are perfect for both day and evening wear. For me, they scream late afternoon dinner and drinks after a sweltering summers day. I know I will be taking one of these lovelies with me on my summer holiday!

Its a definite reality that with the consciousness provided by the behind the scenes work of Bachhara, you are able to be beautiful, inside and out. I would like to thank the founders in particular. Their vision for creating such passionate consumer awareness has left a mark. Whilst I already make ethical decisions relating to food by purchasing fair trade and environmentally sustainable products, Bachhara have shown that the same consciousness is needed when shopping for clothing if we are ever to give the same freedom we enjoy when wearing the garments, to those people involved in the manufacture of them. Join the revolution!

Get more information on Bachhara or the JAAGO Foundation here.
Add them to facebook here
For a list of Australian stockists, go here.
And for the online store, click here!

*All photo's used in this post are accredited to Bachhara.

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  1. Hello Kaisha,

    thank you so much for the lovely write up!!! how wonderful and glad you feel the way you do about what we do and our designs. I only just saw your post today (i must learn to always select the bachhara&others on top of the facebook page as i keep missing posts!).


    Natalie Armstrong
    Designer Bachhara


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