Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 Days of Lists Update!

When I started 30 Days of Lists this time round I really didn't think I'd fall this far behind when it came to sharing the lists. I've managed to stay up to date on my Flickr account, but I cannot say the same for the situation here. And for that I am sorry. I've been pretty sick lately and it's been bumming me out massively. I don't seem to have the energy to do anything anymore and more often than not I'm just not in the mood for any sort of fun. It's taking a massive toll on my life at the moment, not to mention this blog world as well. But I'm happy to say I've taken some steps to sort it all out. By the end of the week I'll know what is causing the illness, if anything at all. Maybe then I'll be able to get back to normal. Whatever normal is anymore...

In the meantime though, I've mustered up just enough energy to share some* of my lists from September. The challenge only has a few days to go and I'm determined to have all my lists complete! 

Day Seven: I'm Not Very Good At...

Day Eight: Things That Remind Me of My Childhood...

Day Nine: Weekend Plans

Day Ten: At This Moment...

Day Eleven: Favorite Things About This Time Of Year

 Day Twelve: Things That Motivate Me

 Day Thirteen: Things I Do To Procrastinate 

 Day Fourteen: My Favorite Outfits to Wear

 Day Fifteen: Never Have I Ever...

Day Sixteen: Dream Jobs

Day Seventeen: Fictional Characters I Love

Day Eighteen: A Few of My Favorite Things

Day Nineteen: Inventions I Wish Were Real...

Day Twenty: My Dream Space Would Include

Day Twenty-One: TV Shows I Wish Would Come Back

Day Twenty-Two: Ways To Avoid Housework

 That's all for now...
Enjoy the rest of your week! xo

* My apologies for the list overload.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mary Had Another Little Lamb

Around this time last year, I posted about how one of my Sheep gave birth to an adorable baby lamb. Well guys, she's done it again and her baby boy couldn't possibly be any sweeter. He is about a week old now and already getting up to mischief. He spends his days lazing in the sunshine and chasing his Mumma around. The only thing missing from his beautiful life is a name! That's where you guys come in. I have named over 50 pets on this little farm of mine and it's about time I let someone else have the honour...

Here are a couple more pics to help you out... 

What would you name this newborn baby lamb and why?
The winning name will be selected at random sometime next week!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things Organized Neatly

There is something about this little blog that has been pulling at my neatly organized heart strings ever since I stumbled across it. Things Organized Neatly is exactly what the name suggests; people neatly arranging their possessions and photographing them so as to quieten down the messy anxiety within...

After spending close to an hour perusing all of the different arrangements, I decided to organize some of my own things neatly. When I moved to my new house I discovered that there was a cork board permanently affixed to one of my walls. Originally I hated the tacky brown color and sought to cover it with cutesy paper, photographs of friends and general pin-board type memo's immediately. This had the complete opposite effect of order and symetry, and eventually I was pinning bits and pieces over other bits and pieces, the result of which reminded me of one of those big unmaintained community boards. The chaos eventually got to me and I began tearing everything down. The board sat there blank for a while, until it hit me... With a few sewing pins and some very precise spacing, I turned my ugly brown cork board into a display for all my jewelry. Now I can scan through my jewelry the same way I go through my closet and easily find something to match the outfit I have on. I can also see if my sister has "borrowed" something. So far it's working out great... I'm just running out of space.

What parts of your life have you organized neatly?
How do you display your jewelry?

P.S. I have some super exciting news that I will probably announce on this here blog tomorrow! Hint: It's cute and cuddly and I would love all of you guys to get involved in some way... Watch this space!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This blogging world of mine is so up and down lately, it's crazy! I actually didn't even realise how many days had passed since I had updated until a reader kindly pointed out my absence (again!!!), and for that I am incredibly sorry. The truth is though, even my real world has been a little inconsistent and unpredictable. The last two weeks alone have been a massive effort to get through. With Uni work and regular work both picking up lately, I'm finding myself having next to no time to relax or rejuvenate,  and my poor body is beginning to feel it. 

Anyway, here is a quick little post to bring me back up to speed, and hopefully I'll be able to return to my regular posts soon enough...

I am currently...

- Writing frantically and working my way through a bunch of Law assessments. 
- Working as much as I can to save spending money for Bali. 
- Trying to get over my illness... or trying to predict which one I'm going to be graced with next week. 
- Participating in 30 Days of Lists via my Flickr account.
- Trying my very best to keep my room tidy. 

I am currently excited to...

- Go to Bali with my boyfriend in 17 days!!!
- Have some time off over the October long weekend to catch up with friends. 
- Be finished one of my Units of Study after class tomorrow. 
- Build my new bed (once I get some energy and help from someone with muscles). 
- Share some exciting news on this here blog once I get some photo evidence... 

I am currently loving...

- The sudden change in the weather. It's finally warm enough to venture out bare legged!!!
- Using the Espresso machine I purchased my Dad for Fathers Day. 

I am currently reading...

- A hell of a lot of Law Books... Boo!

I am currently listening to... 

- The Kooks: Junk Of The Heart.
- Grouplove: Never Trust A Happy Song.
- The Jezabels: Prisoner.
- Laura Marling: A Creature I Don't Know. 

Making that list just now has actually helped shift my mood a little. I've just realised that there is a bunch of great stuff I'm doing that is definitely outweighing those bad bits, and there are even more wonderful things to look forward to! I just need to stick it out and soon enough I'll be relaxing on a lovely beach in Bali, hopefully forgetting about everything that's bothering me right now...

What are you excited for lately?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Round These Parts: My Bedroom

Last Friday I woke up, looked around my bedroom and snapped. Instead of getting up and showering or having breakfast or any of those usual morning rituals, I just started cleaning - everything! My desk, my bookshelf and even 'under the bed' were targeted and tidied. Don't get me wrong here, none of it was dirty mess, only messy mess. Outfits I've tried on and neglected, uni work that I am part way through, DVD's I've watched and not put away, all that kind of jazz. By lunch time it was all done. Every single item had a place again and I felt as if my mind was finally clear... however short lived that may be. 

P.S. I absolutely hated the colors Pink & Purple when I was growing up... I think I'm making up for lost time now?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Blue Mountains Break

There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday that's for sure. This Sunday was all about family, friends, sunshine, salads, seafood and homemade sweet treats whilst celebrating my Uncle's 50th Birthday at his beautiful home in Sydney's Blue Mountains. It was the perfect way to wind down after an intense work weekend, even if I struggled to keep my eyes open for most of the day. Afternoon naps were the only thing on the cards once I got home. I spent the rest of the evening watching corny teen movies in bed. Definitely my kind of Sunday.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For All Who Love Color

As soon as I saw that today's prompt for 30 Days of Lists was about favorite color combinations, I instantly knew that I wanted to share a website that has been consuming a fair bit of my time lately - Design Seeds. You might have seen her work on Pinterest, but Design Seeds cannot be given its full appreciation without a visit to the site itself. Not only are the images completely beautiful, but the overall presentation on this site is immaculate. You can spend hours (yes, hours!) scrolling through the main page, or there is a palette search option if you know the basic colors you are after. I have been using these images for absolutely everything from blog design to finding an awesome combination to re-do my bedroom in. 

It's Spring now, so I've been leaning towards bright hues mixed with solid neutrals.  Oh and I'll always love me some pastel. These are just a few of my favorites... 

P.S. Has anyone else noticed that I have done away with some of my standard Australian English spelling and started using 'color' and 'favorite' as spelled the American way. This was pretty unintentional at first. I guess I've just been reading way too many blogger's from The States. Definitely not a bad thing.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Bees and The Blossoms

One step into my backyard and there is no doubt that Spring is here! I decided to take my camera out on my daily animal feeding round today in the hopes of snapping a photo of my Peacock with his tail up. But by the time I got there he had put it down. Oh well, maybe next time. I did however stop to take a few photos of my beautiful peach tree's in full blossom. At first I didn't even realise the amount of bee's hovering around. I'm allergic to bee's and sneeze at the tiniest whiff of pollen. But I braved both of them to take these great shots! 

Oh and!!! When I lifted the lid on the feed bucket for my ducks, I was greeted with the world's biggest Huntsman Spider!!! I jumped about ten foot in the air! I hope my babies enjoy the bread I gave them today, because there is no way I am going back into that bucket anytime soon. My backyard is beautiful, but it has way too many creepy crawlies. My nose is still running and my skin is still itching as I write this post. Shower time I think.

I haven't added any filters or adjusted the color of these photos in any way. Just simply reduced the size by about 10, 000% to make them blog worthy. What do you think?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Sounds: Laura Marling

Laura Marling - Sophia

Okay so Sunday Sounds is back (usually I am sleeping in). But only because I just have to share this amazing new track from UK singer/songwriter Laura Marling. This gem is the ninth track on her third album A Creature I Don't Know due for release on the 12th of September and has pretty much pulled at every single one of my heart strings since it was previewed last month. Words cannot express how eager I am to get my hands on a copy of the new album. Upon first listen I can already tell that Marling has changed her nu-folk sound yet again. But I'm not complaining because this song is beautiful (not to mention the cute illustration!). Just when I think a lady who is months younger than me couldn't get any more mature she goes and drops this. Mind officially blown.
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