Monday, January 30, 2012

Blogger Truths

It's time for me to sit down and face some cold hard blogger truths. Because quite honestly, I am growing tried of my sporadic blogging and constant apologies for it. I've been involved in this community a little under two years now and I'm at a time where my blog should be going strong. But instead I've found myself come to a complete stand still. For the greater half of the last three or four months I haven't shared some of the greatest things that have happened to me, I haven't really shared anything at all. So I'll apologise again. But not to my readers this time. No, this apology goes to myself. For losing myself... 

I was thinking to myself the other day "what could possibly be the reason that I've stopped blogging so often, or at all?"... And I was quick to defend myself by saying, I'm just enjoying my summer and my real life, don't be silly. But that alone was being silly. And completely naive. Because if I were really just enjoying my summer, I wouldn't have had the time to Instagram it (HA!). So I got to thinking about the bigger picture, and came to realise some blogger truths along the way. 

The truth about confidence...

I had way more confidence as a newb writing to myself! Although I remember how much it sucked writing so many blog posts to myself at the start, I maintain that I had more confidence then as compared to what I am supposed to have now, and I'm two years in!! I didn't have this sort of uneasiness about my content when I thought that I was only writing to the same handful of people I had met early on in the online world. Now that I know there are people in my real and very material world who read Far From The Mocking World on the regular, it's as if I have some sort of blogger stage fright. This needs to stop! 

The truth about consistency...

Consistency suffers with a lack of inspiration, thats a given. But where I once relied on a good old fashioned Photo Drop or Pinterest post for those dry spells, I don't even seem to log in anymore. Aside from those, I have a number of regular features here on Far From The Mocking World. But you wouldn't know about them because they too seemed to come to a sudden halt sometime last year.  Sure, everyone is entitled to a day off, especially when this isn't my full-time job, but if you're gone long enough people will start to forget. Hell, I've started to forget. 

The truth about content...

I used to blog about so many different things. I had frequent music posts, talked about recent books and movies and I would quite often feature a recipe or two. This place was literally an online version of me, what I wore, what I ate, what I listened to... my likes and dislikes, dreams and realities. And I think somewhere along the way I subconsciously realised that not all people are interested in what I'm interested in. I began to notice that a music post would only attract so many page views or comments, whereas a post about changing my hair colour would draw hundreds. Well the truth is, I only dye my hair every two or three weeks, and that isn't going to sustain my blog! 

Just writing this now I can see how the three are completely linked. I won't have one without fixing the problems with the others. It's one big blogger pickle. How am I going to get out of this pickle you ask? Well I'm going to have to go backwards to move forwards. I'm going to start up my regular features again, as well as catch up on some great things I've missed writing about. I'm going to develop a blogging schedule (well a loose blogging schedule) to give me some direction. And finally, I'm return to writing as if I have no followers or readers at all. Because at least then the post's will be honest and genuine, and the blog will be for me again. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


fairground bananarama

It's very rare that I do an outfit post. Very rare! But this was one outfit that even I couldn't fault myself (in my opinion of course, yours may differ). I purchased these Fairground shorts with a gift voucher that I was lucky enough to win from the Frankie Sunshine boutique late last year! The timing was impeccable because I was running low on disposable cash and in desperate need for a killer outfit to kick start the year in at Field Day. I teamed them with a basic black high neck crop and a simple black and gold belt. I even purchased a little banana coin purse to match. Even if it was tucked away in my bag all day, all that mattered was that I knew it was there. Ha! I wish I had of done something great in the shoe department, but my friends and I have learnt the hard way that wearing anything but thongs to a festival is risky (between the blisters and breakages etc)! At first I was a little apprehensive about wearing such a bold print with my bright red hair, but I think in the end the two complimented each other in a way I never thought that they would. So big thanks to Fairground & Frankie Sunshine for helping me create the perfect summer festival outfit! 

Top - Paper Heart
Shorts - Fairground via Frankie Sunshine
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - Havianas
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Here are some more photos from the day!

Cloud Control were my personal fav for the day! 
I even met a real life Banana Man!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm Back!

Talk about a blog vacation! Last month I promised that I would frequent this little world of mine more often and I happened to take one giant break instead. I lied to you guys, and for that I am sorry. But on the other hand, I've been busy having one of the greatest silly season's ever...


My Grandma's fantastic rum balls!
My Aunty's crystal star collection.

The lead up to Christmas this time round was no where near as exciting as past years... I only half put up my decorations and never had the chance to bake any sort of Christmas treats. I was working 40+ hour weeks and darting between day and night jobs though, so that explains a lot. By the time Christmas morning rolled around I dragged myself out of bed after only having 3 hours sleep and sat around the living room with my family.  I was so spoilt by my family that I was already overwhelmed by 9am. 

Summer Days...

I had a few days off work during the week following Christmas, so we decided that we would visit my parents at our holiday house for some much needed down time. Two of my best friends surprised me by visiting as well, so those days were spent swimming and sleeping in the sun. 
New Years Eve

The party hosts - Tegan & Nathan
Bringing the bar with me... SHOTS!
New Years Eve came next. This year was the first time in a long while that I've been able to make plans with my friends because the bar I work at closed for the night. We welcomed the new year with two different groups of friends this year. First we partied with two of our lovely friends who had just moved into their new place, and then onwards to another house party for the countdown. It was so great to be around my closet friends, farewelling the year passed and writing down some resolutions & goals for this one. My resolution has generally been 'do not make any resolution', because time and time again I've broken them. This year however I changed it up a bit and wrote "to keep everything just the way it is, because it's perfect". This was probably just me avoiding the whole resolution thing all over again, but I believe it takes just as much effort to keep things going solid as it would to change them completely. I still have another year of University before I can start thinking about growing up and moving on with my life... so stability is going to be my very best friend in 2012.


Field Day 2012 
The upkeep on this red is crazy! It's worth it but... 
The start of my year has been jam packed with beach days, festivals, shopping trips, lunch dates, salon visits and birthdays... all of which I wish I had the time to tell you about (I Instagram though, so that counts right?). Work has picked up again now, and before I know it I'll be back at Uni fulltime, so I'm just going to savour the spare moments I have until they are gone again. 
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