Friday, July 29, 2011

On Scene At Splendour

Just a little photo free post to let you know that I am on scene at Splendour in the Grass 2011. We arrived late last night and challenged ourselves by setting up the tent in the dark. We succeeded and have the most amazing set up now. It's modest. But it's our home for the next four days. Our hopes of having a good night sleep to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed for today were squashed by the antics of our rowdy neighbours. But a few grumbles and a shit load of energy drinks later we were ready to start this epic weekend. I'm currently siting on a very lushious hill, drinking some vodka and lime, chilling with some amazing lady friends and watching awesome bands! Will be back in a few days!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Bar Rant


It ‘s time for a little controversy on this darling blog of mine. Usually this is a place for me to become inspired and spread a little positivity. But lately I have been ticking away on the inside and so it’s time to vent.

I’m going to start by saying that in general, I love my job. I am a bartender at a little hotel where I get to work with some top people. During the week it is my pleasure to serve discount lunch to seniors and give the tired tradie a beer before he heads home at the end of the day. But soon enough the weekend rolls around and this mentality starts to shift. I do my very best to start my Friday and Saturday nights in high spirits, and it often works and carries me through an awesome night making great tasting cocktails and meeting new people. But behind every second pleasant customer is a rude one. You may contend that it’s my job to deal with rude customers, what with being in the service industry and all, and I agree. And usually my thick skin can deal with whatever the patron throws at me… But like anything, if something is thrown at you enough, eventually it’s going to beat you down.

So this is a message to the patron. Listen up!

1. I don’t know which part of ‘Bartender’ can possibly be construed as ‘personal slave’. Yes I understand we work in the service industry, and the whole point of us being there is to serve you drinks. But walking on up and demanding service from us, banging on the bar or waving your $20 in my face is just rude. In fact, it’s so rude that I will probably take a little longer to serve you.

2. I understand that at times the bar queue can be quite long, and the wait seems even longer. But when you get to the front and I ask “what can I get you”, please for the love of God do not answer with “um”. We don’t serve Um’s. Similarly, if you then turn to your mates and say “what were we having?” you are a moron. You just had five minutes to think about it!!!

3. If you order one drink, and I ask you “is that all” and you respond with “yes”, but your girlfriend next to you then says “just the same”, I am going to be annoyed.

4. Please stop saying “a schooner of beer” when you order. I have beers in bottles and a range of beers on tap. They are right there in front of your face. I will forgive you once, but do it again and you are tempting me to pour you a mixture of every beer I have available. Enjoy that great taste.

5. For those of you who do know which beer you would like, please stop pointing to the tap when I ask for your order. I used my mouth to ask you, the least you can do is respond with some words.

6. “Vodka Lemon Lime and Soda” does not exist. It’s one or the other.

7. We also don’t sell ‘Jim Beans’ or ‘Corollas’. Idiots.

8. Oh and while I’m on the topic, my phone number isn’t for sale either.

9. Just because you can’t hear anything in your drunken state doesn’t mean my hearing is impaired. Please stop yelling at me.

10. I don’t at all mind making complicated drinks during peak time. But when you order one at a time, just as I’m coming to the end of the first complicated one, and then wonder why it is taking so long, I’m going to be annoyed. You’ll have to wait longer. The dude behind you has to wait longer. And then I have to deal with a string of frustrated people. If you can remember the entire round in your state, then chances are I’m going to remember it better than you.

11. And finally, just because you know my name does not mean that we are friends. No I will not let you cut the line. No I will not give you double shots. And no I will not give you free drinks.

Point is, at the end of the day, I have left everyone I enjoy being with on the weekend to go to work and serve you, so you can have a great night out with your friends. I’m not asking for any sympathy here, but maybe just a little bit of respect. You’ll find that it goes a very long way.

With that being said however, I have never been happier to be taking the rest of the weekend off for a mini road trip, and next weekend off for an even bigger getaway!

P.S. In case you were wondering what tipped me over the edge... Last night I finished up a pretty good night on the bar, nothing too dramatic happened apart from the standard drunk chicks crying and mess everywhere. Both easy fixed. But then I walked out to my car to drive home and realised that someone had either fallen into it or jumped on it. Because now I have no side mirror and a significant amount of dents! So I pretty much worked that shift for free. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear Photograph

Originally when I thought about my holidays I pictured endless days of getting things done and writing so much more on here. But now I'm more than halfway through them and I think I have been less present more than ever. Not for lack of interest or anything like that. It's just that I am so hard pressed for spare time. I have been a little sick over the last couple of days, which naturally means a fair bit of internet trolling. Amidst my regular daily reads and pinteresting finds, I came across an adorable website called Dear Photograph. It's a pretty little photo log compiled from individual submissions where people from all over the world have taken a photo of a photo from the past in the present. Such a simple idea, I know! But the result is an incredibly beautiful juxtaposition of old and new in the same location. There is something about nostalgia that sits so well with me, so of course I've fallen in love with this website. I'm currently searching through my old photos to try this myself!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Farewell Harry

As most of you are already more than aware, I have been a complete Harry Potter fan from the age of seven years old. So it would come as no surprise that I have been early awaiting the final installment of the film series to hit the cinemas. I worked at the bar last night, so a midnight screening was off the cards this time round. But instead, I went to a lunch time viewing today with one of my best friends at Gold Class. Although reading the books had provided me with the knowledge of Harry's fate, I was still super nervous for the ending. Walking into the cinema was a bittersweet moment, because after all it was time for me to farewell a bunch of characters who had become a pretty permanent fixture in my life.

The music started, and instead of giving us a "what you missed" or "previously on Harry Potter" sort of catch up montage, the film just picks up where it left off in Part One. The plot begins (or shall I say continues) and I immediately found myself right there next to Harry, Ron and Hermoine, just as I have done for the last fourteen years, in an epic search to find and destroy the remaining horcrux's. I think the best part is the back story of one particular character. It is at that moment that so many questions are answered, and an entire history of plot lines from previous movies all of a sudden make sense! I can't really elaborate too much without spoiling it for those who are yet to see it. So i'm going to have to stop myself here. But I will say this... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two is easily the best chapter of the series. It is a thrilling and emotionally intense installment that stays with you long after you leave the screening. I take my hat off to all involved in the making of the film, especially Director David Yates, because I don't think there could have possibly been a better way to say goodbye. The series was definitely given the ending it deserved. Besides, if you take Dumbledore's last words for what they're worth when Harry asks him "Is this real? Or is it happening in my head" and he responds with "Of course it's happening in your head Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it isn't real", then Harry Potter and his comrades will have an everlasting place within your life, as they do in mine.

Want to know the best part!!? It's not entirely over for me just yet... Because I'm going to see it again in two hours!!!

Even if you aren't a Harry fan (I'm hoping there isn't too many of you), let me know what you thought of Deathly Hallows Part Two?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Sounds: New Music Edition

It has been a very long while between my last Sunday Sounds post, and I apologise for that (especially to those of you who I know enjoy the music part of this little blog). But it's back and here to stay. Better late then never. And might I just say, you know you are in desperate need of some new music when you hit shuffle mode on your iTunes and you no longer enjoy the first ten songs it throws at you!! So here is some great new stuff that I've had on a very high rotation as of late...

Bon Iver - Calgary

This is the eighth track of the self-titled album from American indie-folk band Bon Iver. Like 'Calgary', each of the tracks are inspired by locations (either real or imagined, I'm not too sure) that front man Justin Vernon believed to hold a special sort of significance and embodied the very sound he wanted to evoke. But it's hard to put a label on this sound, because each track is so very different. There are acoustic lovelies, electronic parts and even some songs that are just completely stripped down, almost naked if you will. While 'Calgary' incorporates the more electronic sound found on the album and is a stand out for its hauntingly beautiful lyrics, I think every track is done to complete perfection. Highly recommended!

Seeker Lover Keeper - Even Though I'm A Woman

Seeker Lover Keeper is the dynamic collaboration of some of Australia's best indie-songstress'. Here, Sally Seltmann, Sarah Blasko and Holly Throsby have joined together to create some sort of dream team, and my are they dreamy!! Each of the lovely ladies have written four songs each on the album, which upon a complete listen only shows how they completely compliment and inspire one another. Overall it's a beautiful album, one that you'll just have to listen to to understand. Note: This clip is kinda freaky after a while. Anyone else get that?

Emma Louise - Jungle

Okay so I lied. This isn't entirely a new music edition because this little gem from Emma Louise was released back in April, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to share it with you. After all, it's always seems to be stuck in my head! The vocals are incredibly powerful, but very well reserved at the same time. Oh and the hook... Did I mention how it will get stuck in your head? While Emma Louise is a relatively new lady on the scene, I dare say we will be seeing a lot more of her soon. Especially if this track is anything to go by.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I worked a hell of a lot, as usual. But it's the start of a new week tomorrow and I'm determined to get things done!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Under Construction

I’ll be making some modifications around these parts over the next couple of days. So if anything looks a little peculiar, now you know why. I use to know basic HTML coding back in the day, so let’s see if I still have it.

Coming soon… all new graphics, a new layout, much more organisation and a fancy new blog roll featuring some of my favorite friends and daily reads! Bare with me!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello's & Homestead Horses

Yesterday my dear friend Claire and I caught up for a little brunch at a cute homestead tea house not to far from where we live. We didn’t even need to glance at the menu to know what we wanted to indulge ourselves in, because everyone knows that the homemade scones from there are just delicious! We talked about old times and new times, and discussed her upcoming trip. We took a stroll through the garden and introduced ourselves to the horses in a nearby paddock. One horse in particular couldn’t get enough of Claire, but when I tried to say Hello he casually walked away. I maintain that it was because I have dark hair... a stark contrast to the similar hue he and Claire share. Overall it was such a lovely way to spend my day off.

I’ll be doing a little write up on Claire’s amazing trip to Ecuador in the next couple of days… I definitely recommend checking back to find out what she’s about to get up to!

Right now I’m about to start another one of my epic work weekends. This little window of spare time before I head to the bar is really my saving grace. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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