Friday, November 18, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

It has been a very long while since I've had the time on a Friday to fill in any blanks! Right now I'm supposed to be studying for my last exam, so I'm sort of procrastinating... but until I can figure out this topic I'm just going to  stop and play this game. 

1. A nervous habit I have is picking at my nails! You know the fiddling thing you do where one will slide under the other one, back and forth making that horrid scratchy noise. Yeah, that!

2.   Something that makes me sad is discovering that three of my baby ducks had been eaten by a sly, but very smart fox the other night! Poor little guys.

3.  Today I am thankful for all the support that my friends have given me over the last week whilst I've been losing my mind studying for exams.

4. My favorite room in my house is my bedroom! Because it has my bed in there.

5.  I can't stand passive aggressive Facebook status updates! And I know by saying this without mentioning any names is passive in itself. But seriously, if you don't have the balls to say whatever you're updating to the person's face, then don't say it at all.

6.  If I had an extra $100 to spend on whatever I wanted today I would have bought my Mum the outfit I just helped her pick out. That or take everyone I love out for dinner this evening. Which will be happening anyway, I just cant afford to pay for it all! Ha!

7.  The last person I hung out with was Joel and my Mum while we had a fantastic Mexican lunch! 

If you'd like to play along and enter in your own blanks this fine Friday, head on over to The Little Things We Do
Have a great weekend!!! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Fiery Hues

I finally did it! It was unexpected, but I did it. I walked into the hair salon the other day to make an appointment for another standard boring hair cut, and instead I found myself sitting at the basin picking a brand new color! I've admired ladies with red/mahogany hair for a while now, but I never thought it was something that I would be able to pull off myself. Regardless though, I took the challenge to try something new. Brunette was getting so drab and boring for me anyway... Especially coming into Summer! I must admit, I was pretty nervous sitting in the chair whilst a color that I have never had was developing on my head! But I fell completely in love once it was all dried off and styled! In fact, I wanted it brighter straight away. I've only washed it with Ultra Red Shampoo once so far, and the color has popped so much already! It  looks as if my hair catches fire in the sunlight. I think I'll rock the red for a while...

Have you ever spontaneously changed your hair color dramatically? 
Did you feel like an entirely new person afterwards?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh Mr. Smith

There is a new Mr. Smith in my life these days. He only comes to visit about four times a year. But on those quiet visits we sit with one another over a pot of tea, and I find myself becoming lost in all his stories of history and adventure...

In case you're wondering though, I'm definitely not in some sort of adulterous relationship approximately four times a year, Joel is still the only man for me. I'm talking about Smith Journal - the new quarterly publication for discerning gents (and ladies who like reading about discerning gents). 

"Smith Journal is about the guys you know and the kind of guys you'd like to know better... It’s heads-up and hands-on. A friendly guide to all things creative, intriguing, genuine and funny – full of stories, people, adventures, interesting conversations and gentlemanly style..."

That's the very description that sold me the other day when I started reading the first edition of Smith Journal. And I'll tell you now guys (and gals) it is fantastic! Now I'm no gentleman myself, but I know a few, and just from a quick flick through I am certain that they would rather enjoy it. Volume One alone covers a range of interesting things from living in a house boat and talking like a 19th century sailor, to a sneak peak into the contents of a muso's wardrobe, as well as info on how to survive the coming apocalypse! Oh and it has the standard guy stuff up in there as well - beers included!

If that didn't convince you, then maybe these five random facts from the first volume will! Did you know...

Two thirds of all Landrovers ever sold are still on the road today. 

Most of the current world's Rubick's Cube records are held by a 15 year old from Melbourne. 

Cormac McCarthy paid $50 for this Olivetti Typewriter in 1936. It sold for $254, 000.

The perfect climate and high quality ingredients are two of the most important factors to consider when making Salami.

Good mates Michael Carroll and Andrew Walker rode their pushies from the Arctic Sea to the bottom of South America. Over two years. For $10 a day.

If you're not the type to be seen carrying around a *gentle*manly mag in public, then hit up the brand new Smith Journal website from the safe confines of your own space. Or just head on over for some daily interesting reads about adventure, history, science, D.I.Y, photography, design, arts and so so much more! Because really, waiting a whole quarter for a fresh dose of Mr. Smith is way too long! 

Edit: I was so in love with the simplicity of this magazine, especially it's use of classy serif's. So I decided to use it as inspiration for a blog re-design. I've gone back to peachy pinks and toned it down a lot. What do you think?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Looking Back On Bali: Volcanic Lunch Dates & Sea Turtles

My trip to Bali wouldn't have been complete without a visit to Kintamani for lunch on the side of the cliff overlooking the Batur Lake and it's ginormous active volcano. The view was quite breathtaking and it took me a little while to actually realize that holy moley this is a volcano guys!!!

After lunch I set off on a very bumpy car ride through hills and hills of volcanic rocks and arrived at the natural hot springs for a bit of relaxation time. I must admit I was a little disheartened when I saw that the hot springs were not so "natural" after all. To me they just looked like a fancy outdoor spa. But once I got in and felt the warmth I let go of all that negativity and just sat in awe of the fact that the water around us was being naturally heated to 48 degrees!!! 

Another fantastic part of my Bali adventures was our trip to Turtle Island in Nusa Dua. I took a glass bottom boat to get there, but funnily enough I was gazing at the sights above the water. Once I got to the Island we we're greeted by a very funny Balinese man. He showed me around and talked about the different types of turtles, as well as their ages. The big one is Julia Gillard and she was 75 years old! I guess they just make up the name depending upon what nationality the visitor is, because the real Julia isn't even that old. Again, being super obsessed with animals, I loved every minute of it.

Writing these holiday posts has made me quite sad that I've been home almost a week now. Ahhhh reality, how I loathe the.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Looking Back On Bali: Monkeys and Temples

It's no secret that I am completely obsessed with animals. I adore each of my own pets at home and talk to them as if they are human... So naturally part of my Bali adventure had to involve getting up close and personal with some of the locals. The fury locals! My first stop on our touristy day was to the Monkey Forrest in Ubud. I was a little hesitant while reading the sign... "do not touch monkey"... "if monkey attacks you, drop bananas" and so on, but I bought them some treats regardless of this and set off on the windy trail through the forrest. Some of these little guys liked to keep to themselves... but others were super brave and climbed all over me! 

My driver & tour guide Pork Chop!
Look at the little one!!! So precious!

Visiting the temple's were another great highlight of the trip! I loved learning about the different religions and their ceremonies. I didn't even visit the most popular of temple's but the ones I  did get to were so beautiful.

Check back tomorrow for the last parts of my Bali adventure! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Looking Back On Bali

*Image Heavy - But it's definitely worth the look!*

Wow! What a week I've had... It always seems to be the case that whenever I go away on a holiday (however brief) I come home and absolutely everything has changed! I must admit it took me a few days to settle back down and get into the swing of things. I finally had some spare time last night to upload all the wonderful photos I took. There were over 550 in just a week so that's definitely some sort of a record for me. After some careful sifting, I ended up with a handful of really great images and a hell of a lot of post-holiday blues. I won't write about the entire trip in one post (I'll be here all night) but I'll break it up and share some of the exciting things we got up to over the next week. So here goes Part I...

I arrived in Denpasar, Bali at 9pm Friday night and made it through customs fairly easily. However, no one had warned me about the posters... and so when I arrived at the baggage collection point and saw a bunch of men in uniform crowding around the luggage I started to panic. And despite knowing that there was no way I had any drugs on me... all I could think was "that's it I'm going to prison". As I was walking I soon realised that these guys were merely carrying my bags for me, and naturally this is going to mean I should tip them. I had no problem with that... the problem I had was that I hadn't any Indonesian money yet, nor did I know the conversion rate! So as a result of my naivety, the men who walked up approximately ten meters ended up with $60 Australian dollars. I don't even make that much in tips from one customer during my busiest night at the bar! Bali Dudes - 1, Sucker Tourist (a.k.a Me) - 0.

Next came the challenge of getting from the airport to my hotel. Without knowing how far away it was, or even in which direction I was getting super frustrated. Luckily enough I found a nice man to take me there for a reasonable price. It was about 10pm  by the time I had checked into the hotel and settled into my rooms...

I spent the first day in Bali riding around on a scooter to various bars & cafes to make a couple of  dinner reservations. After all the errands were done, I headed to Body Works for a full body massage. And seriously guys, it was just that. Back and front. All over my body. I was a little bit hesitant to enjoy it at first, but after a few minutes I just let the beautiful music and aromas take over and fell into complete relaxation. I don't think my massage could have been timed any more perfect... It set the pace for the next fews days to come. 

The following days in Bali are almost a blur to me now... Three consecutive days of swimming, sun-baking and drinking fantastic tasting cocktails by the pool. I've never really got into that whole resort type lifestyle whilst on holidays (I'm usually the sight-seeing touristy type) but my gosh, looking back I am so glad I did it. The days seemed to last forever and I was completely at ease. Oh what I would give to be back there right now... 

Here are some photos from those first few days... 

Possibly one of my favorite days was spent at a beach club called Potato Head... This place was amazing! The entire outside of the building was made from old window shutters, and inside they had the most adorable miss-matched vintage pieces. The day beds were super comfortable and the cocktails were fantastic!

Sunset dinners were another personal highlight. Living on the East Coast of Australia means that I have never been able to watch the sun set over the water... So I made sure I got to see most of them here! 

I walked around with my camera by my side most days because there was always something wonderful to capture! Here are some Bali sights... 

I ended up doing a little bit of the touristy stuff... check back for my next posts featuring some little fury friends, exotic coffee's, sea turtles and a volcanic lunch adventure. (I promise to make them less image heavy). 
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