Friday, October 21, 2011

Looking Back On Bali: Monkeys and Temples

It's no secret that I am completely obsessed with animals. I adore each of my own pets at home and talk to them as if they are human... So naturally part of my Bali adventure had to involve getting up close and personal with some of the locals. The fury locals! My first stop on our touristy day was to the Monkey Forrest in Ubud. I was a little hesitant while reading the sign... "do not touch monkey"... "if monkey attacks you, drop bananas" and so on, but I bought them some treats regardless of this and set off on the windy trail through the forrest. Some of these little guys liked to keep to themselves... but others were super brave and climbed all over me! 

My driver & tour guide Pork Chop!
Look at the little one!!! So precious!

Visiting the temple's were another great highlight of the trip! I loved learning about the different religions and their ceremonies. I didn't even visit the most popular of temple's but the ones I  did get to were so beautiful.

Check back tomorrow for the last parts of my Bali adventure! 


  1. amazing photos. i would love to see bali one day :)

  2. kaisha, these photos are exceptional!

  3. oh my. This visit looks spectacular - I can't even imagine <3 I love the washing of hands and face for good luck! When I am traveling, I need all the luck I can get! haha

  4. Such gorgeous pictures from Bali! I havent been before but it reminds me of Thailand. Looks like you had loads of fun :DD

  5. Gosh this is such a beautiful trip! That monkey being all dramatic on the sidewalk, the incredible roots of that tree, the temples! All of it. Wonderful!


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