Wednesday, January 18, 2012


fairground bananarama

It's very rare that I do an outfit post. Very rare! But this was one outfit that even I couldn't fault myself (in my opinion of course, yours may differ). I purchased these Fairground shorts with a gift voucher that I was lucky enough to win from the Frankie Sunshine boutique late last year! The timing was impeccable because I was running low on disposable cash and in desperate need for a killer outfit to kick start the year in at Field Day. I teamed them with a basic black high neck crop and a simple black and gold belt. I even purchased a little banana coin purse to match. Even if it was tucked away in my bag all day, all that mattered was that I knew it was there. Ha! I wish I had of done something great in the shoe department, but my friends and I have learnt the hard way that wearing anything but thongs to a festival is risky (between the blisters and breakages etc)! At first I was a little apprehensive about wearing such a bold print with my bright red hair, but I think in the end the two complimented each other in a way I never thought that they would. So big thanks to Fairground & Frankie Sunshine for helping me create the perfect summer festival outfit! 

Top - Paper Heart
Shorts - Fairground via Frankie Sunshine
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - Havianas
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Here are some more photos from the day!

Cloud Control were my personal fav for the day! 
I even met a real life Banana Man!


  1. Have a great night with your man! LOVE your skirt hun. xx

  2. What a pretty little pair of banana shorts!

  3. Those shorts rock. And every time I see your beautiful red hair it makes me lust for the days when my locks were the same shade... ah, the good days. :)

  4. You look great hun, and you're totally rockin' that red hair! :)

    - Felicity. x

  5. You are so pretty! Those shorts are so much fun :] Have fun on your date.

  6. kaisha, your outfit looks like perfect summer sunshine! the concert looks like you had fun. hope you had a good date with your guy. :)

  7. Simply fantastic! Love the coordinating nails too!

  8. Your outfit looks so cute , especially those shorts and im loving your vibrant hair colour <33


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