Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Mr & The Mrs

Photo c/o Tink Simplicity (because we weren't there and who takes a camera to a housewarming!!?) Read on...
It's already Tuesday and I am still on some sort of love high from the completely surreal events of last weekend! If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that at approximately 8pm on Saturday night, my dearest friend Tegan of Tink Simplicity announced that her and her then fiancé Nathan had got married earlier that day!!! Who knows how long these birds have been keeping their plans a secret? But holy moley did it surprise us all. One minute we were just sitting in their backyard 'Housewarming', sipping ciders and catching up, and the next minute there was a giant projector on the wall, showing scenes of the two saying their vows and exchanging rings. I squealed when I saw the date and timestamp on the video, only to turn around and see them in the window behind me exchanging rings for real. They tied the knot in the most literal sense of the word, bequeathing upon each other special handmade rings of twine.  I'll tell you honestly, in that moment my heart turned into a puddle on the floor. Well, not really. But it did leak out of my right eye!

After I congratulated the happy couple, it began to sink in that this was now a wedding... I kicked myself for not bringing my DSLR along and felt embarrassed by my choice of incredibly casual clothing and messy bun, both showing a distinct lack of effort. But then I realised, if Tegan and Nathan really wanted the giant hype of a big fat fancy wedding, they would have had one!? What they wanted was simple and beautiful. And without all those fancy trimmings and such, the love these two have for one another was able to really shine through in such a raw way. 

They did keep with tradition and shared a very heartwarming first dance, to which all friends and family gladly joined in. I wish I had even iPhone photos of this magical evening, but I decided to pick up Tegan's camera and got a little snap happy with it instead. At the same time though, this was the kind of night that not even a photo could capture the feeling of. I will never need a photo or a video to remember it by, and I bet I can safely say the same for anyone that was there.

I've had the pleasure of calling these two my greatest friends since meeting them at the very young age of fifteen and their strength and love, both individually and as a couple, has been an inspiration ever since. They deserved every single ounce of the happiness they had back then, and now as the Mr & the Mrs. I don't even have to wish them luck for a long and prosperous or beautiful life, because they've already got all of that and more... 

Tegan has said that if you'd like to read her love story it will be up on her blog very soon. In the meantime, you can follow her all the way to New Zealand for a last minute honeymoon by checking out her Facebook page here


  1. kaisha, what a delightful story! congrats to your friend. you looked fabulous too. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Well thank you, but the picture is actually of my friend Tegan. It was her wedding, and she was beautiful :)

  3. this is so sweet! You and your friend both look amazing xoxo

  4. Damn, how sweet. Now that is some genuine love.

  5. Kaish. I only just seen this today!!! Brought a tear to my eye. So sweet:) Let me assure you the love & inspiration is mutual.
    Love you beautiful ladyxxx


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