Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Fiery Hues

I finally did it! It was unexpected, but I did it. I walked into the hair salon the other day to make an appointment for another standard boring hair cut, and instead I found myself sitting at the basin picking a brand new color! I've admired ladies with red/mahogany hair for a while now, but I never thought it was something that I would be able to pull off myself. Regardless though, I took the challenge to try something new. Brunette was getting so drab and boring for me anyway... Especially coming into Summer! I must admit, I was pretty nervous sitting in the chair whilst a color that I have never had was developing on my head! But I fell completely in love once it was all dried off and styled! In fact, I wanted it brighter straight away. I've only washed it with Ultra Red Shampoo once so far, and the color has popped so much already! It  looks as if my hair catches fire in the sunlight. I think I'll rock the red for a while...

Have you ever spontaneously changed your hair color dramatically? 
Did you feel like an entirely new person afterwards?


  1. kaisha, your new mahogany hair looks incredible on you! i'm very familiar with hair color transformation. i used to color my hair after every break up with a boy, next...

  2. I love it kaisha! Its so pretty and so are you! Time for a new outlook and a new hair colour? hehe? I myself have found such lovely bloggers like yourself whilst blogging who have a small part in my online life lols. as lame as it sounds. Its good to know people from the other side of the world are so friendly and caring!

    I wish pretty reds would look as nice on me haha but they look strange cos of my ethnicity.


  3. I love it!!
    you look gorgeous!

  4. btw tagged you in my latest blog post :))

  5. It's a beautiful colour! And it looks fantastic on you. I love making big changes with my hair, I think I've been every shade of blonde, brunette and red over the years! It's an easy way to make a change and if it doesn't turn out the way it's supposed to, how easy is it just to dye again? I'm going to the hairdresser next week for a new colour and because I can never make up my mind, I'm thinking of going for the ombre look. We will see...

  6. beautiful!!!! <3 u re so pretty!!!
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  7. Amaze. Though, i'm sure you could go green and still look fab.

    I've been a self colour-er for years. I think i've had them all.... still though, i struggle to keep away from flat black (boring, but sooo easy)


  8. First - Love the new layout look.

    Second - Your hair looks stunning! The red/mahogany color is lovely on you.

    Third - Yes I have. I am a natural redhead (auburn to be exact), and I had dyed my hair, blood red, black, and brunette.... but my boldest choice was going blonde. I never thought in a million years I could pull it off. But I did it. And, I ended up with some pretty blonde hair that I rocked for an entire year. I loved it, however... I had more fun as a red.

  9. it looks absolutely stunning!! I used to have mahogany and seeing yours has just made me miss it soo much!! xx


  10. It looks great! I'm proud of having been all natural for so long, but I secretly miss dying my hair haha.

  11. Every I go crazy with my hair it's spontaneous. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. This color is gorgeous on you! It brings out the warmth in you eyes so much.

  12. I've changed my hair so often, I've lost count. In fact, this is the first time since I was 11 that I've had my natural hair color (I have short hair, and haven't died it in almost two years now!) I've always loved going to different colors. I've been fire engine red, once. That was a lot of fun. The new color you just got looks FANTASTIC on you!!

  13. Naw look at your cute fase! That hair colour really suits you! I just dyed my hair from brown to pink to purple to pink to blonde to pink to brown again. Poor hair :( COOL BLOG IS COOL.

  14. I've so been wanting to do a mahogany color! I might actually do some black and mahogany lo-lights next time! maybe..maybe. :)
    Yours looks gorgeous! So pretty on you!

  15. you look so pretty with your new hair color ;)
    actually im thing about what shauld i color to my hair but now i truly know what i wnt.im thingking if mahogany brown or mahogany red.but since you look hot and preety with mahogany red ill do the same hair color ;)) iwish i look like you sooooo. pretty :)


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