Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Out With The Old...

And in with the new! Yes, this little blog of mine finally has a fresh new face! Part of the reason for my long winded blogger hiatus was because I was left feeling so uninspired by my last layout.  If you cast your eyes on the image above, you can see how my ex-layout was less than average! It was a quick fix /plain jane/no thought layout that I slapped together one day when I decided I was over its predecessor. The result was of negative consequnces... For the next few months I would cast each new idea or feature post aside, and instead think about how I so desperately needed to fix this face!  

Back in February I began frequenting a number design websites and downloading various fonts but nothing really came of it. By March I had drawn up a few complex plans and started tutoring myself in Dreamweaver... but still nothing. It wasn't until I had a spare few hours on Monday that I started playing around. I scraped everything existing and started anew with a blank blogger canvas. The plan was to just play around, and see what I could do to tweak the default templates (my Dreamweaver skills were not developing too fast). But after a while I began to like what I saw. The blank page was clean and crisp and white and I loved it! Of course it wouldn't be Far From The Mocking World without some floral up in there somewhere. Although it should be noted that I did try out some other things, including some aztec and chevron prints and even a hot air balloon theme!? In the end though I turned straight back to what I know and love. So here it is, in all its simplistic glory! 

This is my first time working with a right hand side bar, so its still a work in progress. But i'll iron out all the kinks and figure it all out shortly. What do you think so far? 


  1. The new blog is definitely gorgeous! Hope you start to feel more inspired!
    Sharleena xx

  2. I think it looks really nice! Love your flowery new header! and your "welcome" picture is so pretty! good work, it's really clean and fresh! :) xx

  3. I think it looks fabulous! The floral heading is adorable and I love the set-up. Bravo.

  4. Thank you ladies... It is coming along nicely x


Thank you for your comments!

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