Friday, September 17, 2010

101 Things in 1001 Days

I have been thinking a lot lately. About my life, my direction, and everything else in between. In doing so, it has dawned on me that the last twenty years of my life have gone quick, and nothing is stopping the coming years from going by even quicker. Its time for me to soldier on through the routine parts of my life at the moment, try new things and arrive at a place of complete happiness.

I have decided to make a list of 101 things to complete in 1001 days. Some are serious personal and professional achievements I would love to meet. But most are weird and wonderful experiences I've done before, to be shared with people I love, or new experiences designed to "broaden my horizon". At the end of the 1001 days, which is roughly two years and nine months, I will look back and see what I have been able to check off my list along the way. Hopefully, I will know myself a bit better then.

Start: September 17th 2010
End: Coming soon...

The List

1. Graduate University.
2. Start a post-grad degree.
3. Learn another language.
4. Work/study abroad.
5. Get a piece of writing published.
6. Learn the basics of photography.
7. Live with friends.
8. Sew an outfit from a pattern.
9. Throw a themed dinner party.
10. Plant a tree.
11. Volunteer somewhere.
12. Dye my hair blonde again.
13. Ride a horse.
14. Learn an instrument - percussion counts.
15. Complete a rubik's cube without cheating!
16. Dance in front of a crowd of people.
17. Drink out of a giant novelty glass.
18. Have a Harry Potter marathon.
19. Go for a run every morning for a month.
20. Adopt a pet cat.
21. Take a photo with someone famous.          
22. Go to a wedding.
23. Give someone a present for their unbirthday.
24. Go camping. Real camping. Without electricity.
25. Road trip with friends.
26. Go to another state in Australia.
27. Donate blood.
28. Make a veggie/herb garden.
29. Hold an event for charity.
30. Renew my boat and jetski license.
31. Remember and recite a Shakespeare sonnet.
32. Make a bonfire.
33. Go to a music festival.
34. Make a scrapbook for someone.
35. Give a speech.
36. Write a pen pal letter.
37. Learn how to play poker.
38. Win poker.
39. Visit a city overseas.
40. Complete an assignment before the day before it is due.
41. Win free tickets.
42. Make a snowman.
43. Go fishing. Without complaining.
44. Eat asparagus.
45. Attempt to watch Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.
46. Be in the Q&A audience.
47. Go to the drive-in movies.
48. Sing karaoke in a bar.
49. Make new friends.
50. Buy a lottery ticket.
51. Sleep outside.
52. Stand up on a surfboard.
53. Watch a movie in another language.
54. Read someone's biography.
55. Play monopoly right till the end when someone goes bankrupt.
56. House-sit someone's house.
57. Build a birdhouse.
58. Eat vegetarian for a week.
59. Have a food fight.
60. Pat an owl.
61. Have lunch with an old friend.
62. Go trick or treating.
63. Be responsible for someone's nickname.
64. Do something extreme.
65. Learn a new sport.
66. Babysit.
67. Take a community course.
68. Listen to a CD without skipping through the tracks.
69. Use old stationary at the start of a semester, instead of new.
70. Wear red lipstick.
71. Kiss someone wearing red lipstick.
72. Make someone upset happy again.
73. Leave my phone at home.
74. Stay at a bed & breakfast in an whimsical place.
75. Clean my closet and donate clothes.
76. Knit a scarf, or socks. Either one. And give them as a present.
77. Go to the Northern Territory.
78. Watch a thriller movie alone.
79. Go on a blind date.
80. Go to a hen's party.
81. Do more than ten push-ups.
82. Make a photo album.
83. Start a new job.
84. Serve dinner and share stories with the homeless.
85. Go to a protest.
86. Dress from a different era.
87. Wear a bikini in public.
88. Learn how to moon walk.
89. Watch the sunset with someone.
90. Go to mardi gras.
91. Be called beautiful by someone.
92. Be silent for an entire day.
93. Host a tea party.
94. Read a book in a day.
95. Go to yoga or pilates, and actually find my center.
96. Win bingo.
97. Go to an amusement park, and concur all the rides.
98. Kiss someone in the rain.
99. Make a new list for the next three years.
100. List ten things I like about myself.
101. Tell someone I love them, and really mean it.


  1. I totally get this! Being back at uni with no money has made me resent the way I spent cash when I did have it.

    I think going out to clubs is the biggest waste of time to spend a weekend when you could go to a restaurant, drive somewhere other than Sydney, bush walk, camp, see an exhibition, learn something for fun, exercise!!!

    I'm totally with you on 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11, 19, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 39, 40, 53, 54, 55, 67, 73, 74, 77, 84, 88, 92, 95, 96, 97

    I was going to subtly add the lipstick and kissing in the rain ones, but might be a bit suss

    makes me want to get outta uni even more now, great post!

  2. Yeah Pix, its a terrible realisation... Your seconding of my entries makes me want to do them more actually. I have had a few people register their interest to help me tick a few off. Nothing is subtle with me though, I actually checked which ones you concurred with. Here's to the fun times to be had! :)

  3. love how you're crossing em off as you go!

  4. Love it Kaisha. I tend to have those moments where I realise there are so many things I want to do in life, but I'm just not doing them, therefore not living the life I want to live. I think I should start my own list.

  5. Do it Chris! It's been the best list i've made to date. A few people I know have made their own lists as well now... I've found that it has worked much better in the last week or so than any New Years Resolution has ever done.

  6. Wow. I just came across this and I am a great way. We should all have such goals. I would love to do something similar, it would just take me forever to think of a decent list. How did you come up with yours?

  7. I really love this idea! I think maybe I will do something similar. I think you're blog is great! You should check mine out when you have time!

  8. This is the coolest idea! You really need to watch Lord of the Rings trilogy if you haven't already. It will change your life. True story.


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