Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adornment Is Never Anything But A Reflection Of The Heart

Wise words spoken by Coco Chanel herself.

However, as of late my adornment has been limited to a select pile of clothes that go through the wash, get ironed and worn out again. Not because they are they are the only ones I own, but for the shameful fact that the state of my wardrobe had gotten ahead of me. So much so, if I dared to open the door, I would have be met with a mess of gigantic proportions. I decided that with the seasonal change and a spare moment (all afternoon) I would begin the epic task of cleaning out my closet. 

It is only fair that I show you some before shots...




Realising that I am probably a disgrace to the entire female population (and maybe some boys) right now, I cleared off my bed and began to fold every single garment. 


Piles were set aside for clothes that needed to be thrown out, given back to their respectful owners or donated to charity. 

And then the hanging began! 


Accessories included!


With the mission finally complete, I only hope I can succeed at the challenge of keeping it this way. 

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