Monday, September 6, 2010

The Nanna & The Nerd

On Saturday night I went to one of my dearest friend's 21st birthday celebrations, a joint party shared with her boyfriend of many years. The thing with this lovely lady is, when she does something, she does it so well. The community hall was transformed into a party palace, with handmade banners, table decorations, and a thousand and one balloons. On top of this, she themed the party according to the initials 'T' or 'N'. Ideas were in abundance, but I eventually decided that going as a Nerd would suit me best. My best friend was also invited, and she decided to channel her inner grandma and dress up as a Nanna. Each of our outfits were styled using pre-loved clothes and accessories, some of our own, some borrowed and some thrifted on the day of the party. Overall it was a wonderous night shared with great people, creating even greater memories. Oh and if thats not enough, the night turned extra magical when he popped the question and she said yes!

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