Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh No Washington!

Whoever said that celebrities must remain censored did not give the message to Australia's latest singer/songwriter, Megan Washington. And whilst I have commented on her sweet melodies and quirky nostalgia before, her Facebook page and Twitter stream are something different entirely. Between images of cactus's, crude cartoons and complaints about interstate coffee, there is always something that Washington has to say that makes me look twice. Sometimes I smirk, sometimes I have a bit of an inside giggle, mainly though I just think to myself... where in the world did this girl get her imagination? Because I need to get myself one! I think above all though, it's just really refreshing to actually see the human side to some of our favourite artists, in a completely first hand way. Although I now know that Megan Washington "takes advice like she takes margaritas", I would much prefer to read that, have a giggle, maybe even like the status, than be bombarded by tabloids of who Paris Hilton is pashing this week.

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