Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August's Best Bits

Would you believe that it's the end of Winter already!!! Time definitely goes by too fast these days. When I thought about writing this post, as I do every month, I tried to think about the things I got up to at the start of the month, which only really felt like last weekend to me.  All in all, August was a fairly standard month for me. I arrived home from Splendour In The Grass and was immediately thrust back into a repetitive routine based lifestyle. Most days were spent at University, if not at work. But there were still some great parts to the month...

1. Birthday Celebrations are always great fun! Especially when you go out in big groups of people, eat great tasting food and sometimes get a little bit silly. I was lucky enough to celebrate the birthdays' of two of my dearest friends' this month. That definitely shook up the working weekend bar routine. Oh and August marked the one year mark for this here blog! Woo!


2. I decided to book a rather spontaneous trip to Bali in October (5 weeks time!!!). 


3. My Grandpa who lives about four hours away came to stay at my old but new house for the first time since we've lived here. He made himself at home in my sisters bedroom for the week and took great pleasure involving himself in our day to day family life. Sunday was his last day here, so naturally that meant BBQ time with the extended fam. We embraced the last of the sunshine during the afternoon and relaxed in my backyard. It is definitely how I wish every Sunday felt.

Check out the size of my Elephant Antibiotics!!!
4. I was pretty sick for a good part of August (not so great) but that meant that every spare moment I had was spent relaxing and recovering in my bed with getting addicted to TV Series (definitely great). I took advantage of a little TV Series sale we had at work and stocked up on way too many seasons of shows I have never seen before. August saw us take some viewing risks where we started and finished Season One of Community, begun Arrested Development and got halfway through Breaking Bad.

What were your favorite parts of August? 
Did you go away or do anything exciting? 
Have you seen any good TV Series lately that I should know about? 


  1. Yes for arrested development! Love it! Have you seen the it crowd? It's older British show but it's hilarious. also, 30 rock.

  2. I've been to Bali twice I think. Don't quite remember, but I do remember how beautiful it was!

    Don't worry, first trips together are the best!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. I'm sorry you've been sick!!
    Can't believe August is over!!!
    Here our summer is over... boo. I'll miss the good times.

  4. your August sounds pretty amazing love!

    My August .... well it flew by, I can't even remember what I did!

    Highlights are
    -redoing my blog to more me.
    -birthday party
    -family gatherings
    -PROMOTION AT WORK! YES, how could I forget??!?!?
    -Last month before holiday for a week!

    Great post love, I absolutely adore posts like this from you. :)


  5. Looks like you had a great month, despite your illness. I was ill every month up til June and now after a dose of antibiotics am feeling much better! :)

    And yay for bali!

    I can't believe summer is over for us in the UK, boo (and we've had rubbish weather yet again so it didn't feel like summer ha!)

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules


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