Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To Ombre or Not To Ombre?

It's a hair trend made all too lust worthy throughout most of 2011, epitomised by the likes of Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel and Lily Aldridge. It's the hair that I have been eying off for quite some time now, but haven't had the lady balls to have it done. Now we're coming into Spring here in Aus and I'm wondering, is Ombre over? It's funny to wonder how a style which looks like you haven't maintained your roots in over three months even came to be so popular. If only that were the case when I was a poor 15 year old school girl with Blonde hair - I would have been rockin' it (unintentionally). Having mid to long length and naturally wavy hair myself, this hair would be a perfect pick for the upcoming Spring and Summer days, not to mention an effortless look for my holiday to Bali. I've done a little bit of research on the topic and all signs point to Yes. Ombre is on the out and believe it or not Red's are making their way back in. Either way there is one thing for certain... I desperately need to be pulled out of my comfort zone already! This drab and dull, plain jane Brunette that I'm working with needs to be a thing of the past!

What colors and styles are you loving lately? 

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  1. I love my red hair! I can't imagine getting rid of my red hair, not never! I would suggest highlighting your hair with red tones and/or caramel tones :) But if you want to do the ombre effect then go for it!

    (and I've still got to decide whether to get my hair cut into a bob and time is running out to decide!!)

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  2. I love Drew Barrymore hair style (usually) :)
    I love the ombre effect!! just love it!

  3. I'm rocking ombre locks right now. I love them. But I might go a bit darker for fall/winter here for a change. I would say go for it.

  4. I have been super blond since the day I was born (I touch it up every now and then with some highlights to keep it bright) but I would love to go dark & see how it goes! I just am afraid it would ruin my natural blond color... As for the style, my is plain and long! Every time I try and get it styled, I end up hating it! When it comes to my hair I am SO incredibly seems that sometimes I am never pleased with the result, lol.

    I will always choose long locks over short hair though! That's a fact!

  5. Hi, my beautiful new friend! =) What a fun surprise to see your adorable face on my blog! =) Made my day! =) I am now following you too, & look forward to reading & getting to know all about you! Thank you, again! Have a beautiful night & week, Sweetheart! XO
    Calling All Dolls!

  6. As soon as my hair is long ago (in like...a year *sadface*) I'm doing the ombre hair. I love it.

  7. P.S. I totally just had this discussion with my hubby today. lmao.

  8. i somehow doubt you could ever be plain jane.

  9. OMBRE I say! haha :)



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