Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quirky Creatures

Lately I have been falling head over heels in love with illustrations. When I was little I was the leader of my library and head of the book club, and although I never aspired to be a writer as such, I always dreamed of becoming an Illustrator for Children's Picture Books. The obsession even went as far as meeting Australian Illustrators and having a custom picture drawn by famous cartoonist Dave Hackett.  Unfortunately the skills were never really there as much as I tried, and so I found my calling in Law. But that soft spot for illustration has never really faded away.
There is something about animals dressed as humans that just gets me. Even the card I bought for my Dad for Fathers Day is a picture of a cat in an elegant man suit. I think Berkley Illustration has done a fantastic job with these prints and I would just adore having one framed and sitting on my bookshelf to remind me of my childhood obsession. The only problem is there are just too many creatures to pick from!

Which one do you enjoy the most?


  1. the first one reminds me of a character of Winds in the Willows (I'm sure you've heard of that book!).

    Great post!
    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  2. oh my gosh they have 12 pages of illustrations! i really like the one with the two kittens in tshirts :)

  3. @ Jules - Yes! That's exactly what it reminds me of. I think the otter may be the winner.

    @ Alycia - I know! My boyfriend helped me sift through them again last night. But if I had trouble trying to pick which ones to feature on the blog, I have no idea how hard it's going to be to pick one for my shelf. The kitten's are super cute :)


Thank you for your comments!

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