Monday, August 15, 2011

Mondayitis and a bit of Bloggers Block

I arrive at the same point each Monday morning, sometimes it's Tuesday, and I think to myself my gosh I've really neglected that Blog of mine lately. Part of this is due to lack of time (I just worked over 32 hours on the weekend!) but for the most part I am suffering from one great big case of Blogger's Block. You know there is a situation when your own boyfriend even points out your online absence!

So where am I at? Well I have a bunch of drafts, a bunch of post ideas and a bunch of unshared photos. But I just do not have the motivation or inspiration to share them. Even my last post about my amazing time at Splendour In The Grass was cut incredibly short and reduced to a page of photos in an attempt to cover what I could not manage put into words. Then time elapses and I figure that it's just a little too late to write about something I did two weeks ago.

What's probably worse than this is the fact that I have completely missed my regular features, including my monthly recap and Sunday Sounds. I live for those posts! And I missed them!! More than once!! We're halfway through August and I've managed to throw together one sloppy post. This saddens me greatly.

So now this post turns part reach-out and part challenge.

I've done some research on the subject and have found many post's dedicated to the Blogger's Block curse itself. Many of them offer the same knowledge; lower your standards, start with a headline and end with a deadline etc. But all of that just isn't inspiring to me. Others suggest taking a break, but that's not an option. So I'm left to draw some inspiration from you guys! What do you do when you are feeling particularly uninspired and fallen prey to the dreaded Bloggers Block?

And in return for your wisdom, I am making a promise to reacquaint myself with this little world. Time to play catch up!


  1. Taking a break does help the block... or just sometimes forcing yourself to do is another way.
    Have you seen the August Break a lot of people are doing?

  2. i feel exactly the same, ive blogged once in August! I think work has a lot to answer for, I just wanna switch off from EVERYTHING when I get home! I reckon it'll just come back! And dont blog if theres nothing there to blog about.
    Missing your posts, we'll all still be here break or no break!

  3. I read lots of magazines to flow the creation or if that fails look at different pictures on weheartit or go on stumbleupon that usually starts something :) You could start a blog project or participate in one :)

  4. I just have a break whenever I have blog block! :)

  5. I've been having major blog block too so I decided to join the August Break. That way I can post a picture every day to keep my blog alive, but it only takes 5 minutes to do leaving me time away from my blog to enjoy life which therefore gives me more to write about.

    You could also ask people you know to write guest posts and post them periodically when you're feeling less inspired to write, or like Nadiine said, you could try joining a blog project or create your own. :)

  6. why don't you try one of those blogging challenges?
    I tried last summer, it really helped me to keep blogging with all the wedding planning craziness! And was so fun!

  7. I find the more blogs I read the more inspired I am to do more. I love your new lay out btw. :)

  8. Thank you all so much for you're help! I took the rest of the afternoon off and decided to change up this little space visually. It's not complete but I'm happier with the new look. Maybe that was the inspiration I needed?

    Thank you again ladies xx


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