Friday, August 13, 2010

Boy & Bear

Sydney formed band Boy & Bear were back home last Monday night, riding on the wave of folk artist, Laura Marling, at the Metro Theatre.

From the very opening song, Boy & Bear gave to us whimsical, multi-instrumental folk, complete with melodic vocals and rich harmonies. Each song from their latest EP With Emperor Antarctica was played, as well as some newer unreleased ones, composing an overall ethereal performance.

Rabbit Song was my favourite track of the night. The instrumental arrangement, coupled with Dave Hosking’s meandering vocal lines and completely honest lyrics, as well as the crowd pleasing sing-a-long “wooooohoohoohoooo” made it difficult for any self-respecting music lover to resist joining in.

Their blend of understated alternative country is nothing new, possibly symptomatic of their time spent with Mumford & Sons. But just to change it up, Boy & Bear played for us a new song they had written, “a country song”. Really, I think it was to provide us with an audio accomplice to Dave’s tea-towel shirt.

Dave commented on lack of crowd chatter. And kindly thanked us for listening. It is safe to say that these boys… or bears… are destined for a success beyond our national borders.

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