Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coming Home?

So, no one really knows this, but this time next year I have plans to study abroad. If it were to happen, I would chose Toronto - Canada to be my new home away from home. For a number of reasons... Of course, the University I would exchange with has a wonderful law school. But also, I would love to experience an autumnal Canada! Frolicking amongst maple leaves in boots and a scarf, hanging out in bars, and you know, occasionally doing some study... BUT, while I was poking around the websites of some adored artists today, I realised that I will be precisely a year too late! In two days time, Canada's favourite indie pop twins Tegan & Sara will be performing with fellow Canadian songwriter, Dallas Green. If that musical duo isn't enough to convince anyone to pack up and fly to Canada, then I don't know what is.

Feelings of interstate jealousy surface yet again, so I am creating a Dallas and Tegan & Sara playlist for the weekend as we speak!

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  1. Shall we hop on plane this instant? These plans make me both happy and sad. Happy for the amazing adventures you would have though sad to not see your pretty face...


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