Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sometimes When Two Things Meet The Most Wonderful Outcomes Arise...

In early 2010, two of my all time loves came together, Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland.

For as long as I can remember, the story of Alice in Wonderland has captured the very best of my imagination and has taken me on my own weird and whimsical adventures. From the original words of Lewis Carroll to Walt Disney’s animated adaptation, Alice in Wonderland continues to stand as the best example of literary nonsense, which seemed to make complete sense… satisfying my peculiar curiosity. I think it was the abnormal group of anthropomorphic characters and their unanswerable riddles and nonsensical poetry that has resinated the most. The only way it could be better is when re-imagined by one of this centuries most visually arresting directors, Tim Burton. The first look photos released last June and the Mad Hatter’s teaser trailer were only a prelude to what he had to offer. And just as Carroll and Disney had done before him, Burton was able to take me on a magical 3D fantasy adventure down the rabbit hole.

But wait! There is more. Just as I thought my excitement for this dynamical duo had reached its peak, I caught wind of Burton’s post Alice intentions to remake another Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty, said to be entitled “Maleficent”. If what is said is true, Burton will become legend to me. I can only hope he continues to provide these effervescent and imaginative twists on some of my most beloved stories of all time.

Oh, and just quickly. Here is another of my two loves combined. Alice in Wonderland circa 1903 & silent film. Enjoy!

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