Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Farewell Harry

As most of you are already more than aware, I have been a complete Harry Potter fan from the age of seven years old. So it would come as no surprise that I have been early awaiting the final installment of the film series to hit the cinemas. I worked at the bar last night, so a midnight screening was off the cards this time round. But instead, I went to a lunch time viewing today with one of my best friends at Gold Class. Although reading the books had provided me with the knowledge of Harry's fate, I was still super nervous for the ending. Walking into the cinema was a bittersweet moment, because after all it was time for me to farewell a bunch of characters who had become a pretty permanent fixture in my life.

The music started, and instead of giving us a "what you missed" or "previously on Harry Potter" sort of catch up montage, the film just picks up where it left off in Part One. The plot begins (or shall I say continues) and I immediately found myself right there next to Harry, Ron and Hermoine, just as I have done for the last fourteen years, in an epic search to find and destroy the remaining horcrux's. I think the best part is the back story of one particular character. It is at that moment that so many questions are answered, and an entire history of plot lines from previous movies all of a sudden make sense! I can't really elaborate too much without spoiling it for those who are yet to see it. So i'm going to have to stop myself here. But I will say this... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two is easily the best chapter of the series. It is a thrilling and emotionally intense installment that stays with you long after you leave the screening. I take my hat off to all involved in the making of the film, especially Director David Yates, because I don't think there could have possibly been a better way to say goodbye. The series was definitely given the ending it deserved. Besides, if you take Dumbledore's last words for what they're worth when Harry asks him "Is this real? Or is it happening in my head" and he responds with "Of course it's happening in your head Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it isn't real", then Harry Potter and his comrades will have an everlasting place within your life, as they do in mine.

Want to know the best part!!? It's not entirely over for me just yet... Because I'm going to see it again in two hours!!!

Even if you aren't a Harry fan (I'm hoping there isn't too many of you), let me know what you thought of Deathly Hallows Part Two?


  1. DHP2 isn't out in the UK until Friday. Did you get advanced previews then?!

    I'm not a HP fan but will be intrigued to watch this one in 3d!


  2. Here in Spain it isn't out until Friday!!!
    And I'm going to see it on Friday!! YAY!!
    I'm super excited!!

  3. I am dying to see it! I was not a HP fan, but then, the excitement of this movie got me interested! So I had the HP marathon (as you may remember) and yes, it was love from then on!

    SO EXCITED! And I am so excited FOR YOU! Haha.

    Hope you had fun and I hope you have a great week darling. :)


  4. I'm so jealous of the kids who grew up with Harry Potter! I was about 20 when I first started reading the books and even though I totally adored them, I think the experience has been different to those who were younger.

    I'm a little bit ashamed to admit I haven't seen the last couple of movies but I'd love to catch up so I can see the last one at the cinema.

    Did you see the London premiere photos where Emma Watson was crying? Sweetest thing ever.

  5. Ive never really been into the whole Harry Potter craze! I love the movies - dont get me wrong, but Im not gonna rush out to watch them, maybe I'll wait till they are on DVD... I fell fro twilight hard though! How about you? xx

  6. I'm seeing it at midnight tomorrow and then again on friday :) I'm so excited, as soon as the music starts to play i know i will just be in tears from beggining till end :')I'm really excited but i don't want it to be all over, it's like my childhood :L oh well still super excited, i'm pleased everyone thinks its really good :) xx

  7. AH! IT'S NOT OUT YET here :(
    JEALOUS! I will definitely be posting a response saturday (early) morning after the midnight showing. I am hoping my health holds up so I can see it, otherwise Saturday for sure!

  8. A great post!
    I love Harry Potter!
    But I love Kaisha more!!

  9. i love wizshards


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