Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 Days of Lists Update!

When I started 30 Days of Lists this time round I really didn't think I'd fall this far behind when it came to sharing the lists. I've managed to stay up to date on my Flickr account, but I cannot say the same for the situation here. And for that I am sorry. I've been pretty sick lately and it's been bumming me out massively. I don't seem to have the energy to do anything anymore and more often than not I'm just not in the mood for any sort of fun. It's taking a massive toll on my life at the moment, not to mention this blog world as well. But I'm happy to say I've taken some steps to sort it all out. By the end of the week I'll know what is causing the illness, if anything at all. Maybe then I'll be able to get back to normal. Whatever normal is anymore...

In the meantime though, I've mustered up just enough energy to share some* of my lists from September. The challenge only has a few days to go and I'm determined to have all my lists complete! 

Day Seven: I'm Not Very Good At...

Day Eight: Things That Remind Me of My Childhood...

Day Nine: Weekend Plans

Day Ten: At This Moment...

Day Eleven: Favorite Things About This Time Of Year

 Day Twelve: Things That Motivate Me

 Day Thirteen: Things I Do To Procrastinate 

 Day Fourteen: My Favorite Outfits to Wear

 Day Fifteen: Never Have I Ever...

Day Sixteen: Dream Jobs

Day Seventeen: Fictional Characters I Love

Day Eighteen: A Few of My Favorite Things

Day Nineteen: Inventions I Wish Were Real...

Day Twenty: My Dream Space Would Include

Day Twenty-One: TV Shows I Wish Would Come Back

Day Twenty-Two: Ways To Avoid Housework

 That's all for now...
Enjoy the rest of your week! xo

* My apologies for the list overload.


  1. I loved your barrage of lists! I even feel more accomplished just for reading them :) I love your little collages too! Do you design them up, or use a program? They're so cute! Hope you feel better soon lovely! xox

  2. Great lists.
    By the way, passing on a little blogging award to you on my latest post. :)

  3. Love this! I feel like I know you even better now! Keep this up lovely!

    I am on the same boat as you, I have started a DIY doll house a few months ago .... not much progress so far!


  4. it's funny you would say no more leggings, when i'm excited to wear leggings again. it's always so beyond hot here! kaisha, please be kind to yourself. i know i always say it, but i always mean it. you are one very busy woman. :)

  5. Oh no, I hate to see that you haven't been feeling well. I definitely can relate to the overwhelming exhausted feeling (and just feeling icky for so long) can lead to frustration and sometimes even depressed like feelings :/ I hope you find out what is causing this!! I am thinking of you lady and keeping you in my prayers!

    Also -- I am laughing at the pure fact that you said you are excited about warmer weather and NO leggings. I agree with Teddi's comment above. I am SO excited for cooler weather and boots/etc :)

    Take care & honestly.. let me know if you need ANYthing girl. I'm here for ya! <3


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