Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things Organized Neatly

There is something about this little blog that has been pulling at my neatly organized heart strings ever since I stumbled across it. Things Organized Neatly is exactly what the name suggests; people neatly arranging their possessions and photographing them so as to quieten down the messy anxiety within...

After spending close to an hour perusing all of the different arrangements, I decided to organize some of my own things neatly. When I moved to my new house I discovered that there was a cork board permanently affixed to one of my walls. Originally I hated the tacky brown color and sought to cover it with cutesy paper, photographs of friends and general pin-board type memo's immediately. This had the complete opposite effect of order and symetry, and eventually I was pinning bits and pieces over other bits and pieces, the result of which reminded me of one of those big unmaintained community boards. The chaos eventually got to me and I began tearing everything down. The board sat there blank for a while, until it hit me... With a few sewing pins and some very precise spacing, I turned my ugly brown cork board into a display for all my jewelry. Now I can scan through my jewelry the same way I go through my closet and easily find something to match the outfit I have on. I can also see if my sister has "borrowed" something. So far it's working out great... I'm just running out of space.

What parts of your life have you organized neatly?
How do you display your jewelry?

P.S. I have some super exciting news that I will probably announce on this here blog tomorrow! Hint: It's cute and cuddly and I would love all of you guys to get involved in some way... Watch this space!


  1. The crazy OCD maniac in me is having a kiniption right now! Love this xox

  2. That looks awesome! I am a little OCD when it comes to this stuff. :)

  3. yes, i'm a kook lover, i specially love luke pritchard!
    I have lot of jewellery too, but they aren't organized like yours hahah

    following u too!

  4. upps! i've forgotten: you're so pretty :)
    and i like your banner!

  5. there's something so cleansing about organizing things. i like your divine jewelry organized loveliness! i have a blog friend who's trying to become a bartender. i sent her a link to your blog. i hope you don't mind, dear kaisha.

  6. Haha! LOVE this blog post - I am a total neat freak. Everything has its place :)

  7. Look into my blog post to see how I organize my jewelry!


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