Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This blogging world of mine is so up and down lately, it's crazy! I actually didn't even realise how many days had passed since I had updated until a reader kindly pointed out my absence (again!!!), and for that I am incredibly sorry. The truth is though, even my real world has been a little inconsistent and unpredictable. The last two weeks alone have been a massive effort to get through. With Uni work and regular work both picking up lately, I'm finding myself having next to no time to relax or rejuvenate,  and my poor body is beginning to feel it. 

Anyway, here is a quick little post to bring me back up to speed, and hopefully I'll be able to return to my regular posts soon enough...

I am currently...

- Writing frantically and working my way through a bunch of Law assessments. 
- Working as much as I can to save spending money for Bali. 
- Trying to get over my illness... or trying to predict which one I'm going to be graced with next week. 
- Participating in 30 Days of Lists via my Flickr account.
- Trying my very best to keep my room tidy. 

I am currently excited to...

- Go to Bali with my boyfriend in 17 days!!!
- Have some time off over the October long weekend to catch up with friends. 
- Be finished one of my Units of Study after class tomorrow. 
- Build my new bed (once I get some energy and help from someone with muscles). 
- Share some exciting news on this here blog once I get some photo evidence... 

I am currently loving...

- The sudden change in the weather. It's finally warm enough to venture out bare legged!!!
- Using the Espresso machine I purchased my Dad for Fathers Day. 

I am currently reading...

- A hell of a lot of Law Books... Boo!

I am currently listening to... 

- The Kooks: Junk Of The Heart.
- Grouplove: Never Trust A Happy Song.
- The Jezabels: Prisoner.
- Laura Marling: A Creature I Don't Know. 

Making that list just now has actually helped shift my mood a little. I've just realised that there is a bunch of great stuff I'm doing that is definitely outweighing those bad bits, and there are even more wonderful things to look forward to! I just need to stick it out and soon enough I'll be relaxing on a lovely beach in Bali, hopefully forgetting about everything that's bothering me right now...

What are you excited for lately?


  1. Hey I just discovered your blog and love it! I am excited for autumn! Halloween and bonfire night plus big thick cosy jumpers! :) x

  2. I'm excited for a trip away with my Mister soon!

    Saw that you were following and had to come by and say hi! Love your blog design and content. :)

  3. Gah, that picture is priceless. You've got some exciting stuff coming up! That beach is going to be heavenly.

    I'm super excited for Halloween. It's the light at the end of this semester's tunnel (even though it's not actually at the end? ha)


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