Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Mumma

Today is my Mum's birthday! So this is just a little shout out to say a big thank-you. She doesn't read my blog... but maybe one day she might stumble across it.

I started writing this post while I was sitting in an incredibly boring Equity class this morning. I was purposely not listening to the lecturer and quietly dreading the moment that she stoped talking, meaning that it was time for me to give my presentation. It was only a small presentation. But my nerves were freaking none the less. I got through it though, and quite successfully. On my way home I stopped off at the Bar to give them the photos I took on Friday night, and quickly browsed the second hand bookstore nearby (five books = $4!!!). Now I have just finished some housework and I'm about to get ready to take my Mum out for a birthday dinner... Italian Seafood Mmmmm. I love when average days are balanced out with great nights!


  1. I love that too! When everything is going right!!! Happy Birthday to you mum!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a good day overall. A very happy birthday to your mum!

  3. YAY! A fellow winter lover! I cant wait for the temps to drop! Glad you like the outfit =)No plan with the ink atm. Sometimes I think I'd love a sleeve, sometimes I think I'd like to leave it because it's simple & feminine...I'm thinking about other tattoos for now, I have a few planned out =)

    Love the new Lyyke Li album by the way, what do you think? xx

  4. 5 books for $4.. awesome! Happy birthday to your mum, it is such a sweet photo! x

  5. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments!

    @ashlee & blace - Thank you on behalf of my mum :)

    @eirryn - I'm sure one day you will figure it out... Either way though it looks great now! And as for Lykke Li, it's rather different to the last album. But it's lovely all the same. I'll do a post about it soon :)

    @hannah - I know I couldn't believe the price!! Thank you :)

  6. ntaw! i hope your mother had a great birthday!

  7. Oo I hate presentations! Italian Seafood sounds delicious though, I'm always waiting for the end of my workday so I can actually enjoy part of the day. *sigh

  8. @ luu h - Thanks for the kind words! My mum did have a lovely night and the food was amazing!

    @heidi - Presentations are THE worst! Sometimes the winding down of the day is the best part!

  9. Hope your mom had a great birthday! five books for four dollars is a great deal! :D Such a lovely photo by the way. :)


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