Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In My Absence

I realise that my posts for the month of April have been pretty few and far between, and I am sorry for that. The reason is simple... I am buried elbow deep in papers and books, and part way through a couple of law assessments! I have just finished the first draft of one due on Sunday afternoon. If you are wondering why I've done it so early (because that is definitely out of character for me) it's because I have a hell of a lot of regular paid work coming my way on the weekend! This has certainly kicked my days of procrastination in the butt! That and I have found that bargaining moments of pain in return for those of pleasure works rather well for motivation. For example, if I get my readings done, I get to enjoy guilt free visits from my boyfriend... If I finish the assessment earlier than the night before, I get to have dinner with my lovely lady friends... and so on and so forth. Guilt free leisure time is certainly the best sort of leisure time.

The last couple days have been particularly stressful. I have had several battles with my brain when coming to understand the content. I have skipped meals, isolated myself and maybe been a little too abrupt in the way I have handled things. Visits from Mindy seemed to have a calming effect though. She even fell asleep on my books a few times. I just need to remember that it will all be over in a matter of weeks. Until then I think it will be best to suppress those mid-semester blues, buckle down, get it done and move on. Oh the joys of studying! 

In other (more positive) news, the Splendor in the Grass 2011 lineup was announced today! Although I didn't burst with excitement at the inclusion of all the artists, there is just enough goodness to encourage me to *TRY* purchase a ticket for the event in late July. Worthy of particular mention in my opinion is: Kanye West, Regina Spektor, The Grates, The Middle East, Kaiser Chiefs, James Blake, Noah & The Whale, Children Collide, Architecture in Helsinki, Forster the People, Friendly Fires, Boy & Bear, Cloud Control, Sparkadia, The Jezabels, Seeker Lover Keeper, Oh Mercy, The Holidays and so so so many others. See! I told you it was good!!! Here's hoping I find some camping buddies and score tickets when they go on sale May 5th!


  1. Well, hang in there!
    I know you will do a great job and all the effort will be worth it!!
    Love your cat! So cute!

  2. aw your cat is so cute! cant believe he is sleeping on your notes! :)x

  3. so many good bands! that sounds awesome! i need to learn the art of not procrastinating.

  4. hi dear!

    Im a brazilian girl and I liked your blog :)

    If you want know my blog you are welcome too :*


    hy girl!!

    Your glasses are amazing!
    I loved :) so cute!


  5. Thank you ladies for your kind words.

    @chloe - I got it done! Hooray!

    @vicky - Yes I know. She sleeps ANYWHERE!

    @blace - Seriously try the whole reward yourself thing! I found myself typing erratically today in the hopes that I would have a few spare minutes to spend finishing off my Easter gifts!

    @camila - Thank you so much lovely. I checked out your blog (love your header)! Except I cannot read Portuguese :( I'll google translate from now on!

  6. thanks for coming by and commenting:) love meeting new bloggers- your place is pretty darn cute.

    and yes, i'm in Canada- yay for awesome snowboarding... but boo on snow still thinking it belongs off the mountain in April. You can come over here and get some use on that snowboard!;) I'm jealous of Aus too... and miiight be visiting Melbourne for 4 months in September!!
    Come back soon!

  7. Oh lordy! You DO sound busy! Maybe you could indulge in some guilt free food! If you love zucchini & haloumi, you should try fritters - they're incredible! has a great recipe! I look forward to reading up on your food conquests soon! And good luck with the assignments! x

  8. @ LCR - Thanks for your kind words. I am positive you will love Melbourne if you do come to Aus. I would love to get down there myself sometime this year. Maybe in the warmer months.

    @eirryn - Thank you heaps for the tip! I will need all the recipe help I can get x

  9. your cat is so pretty!

    What do you study?


Thank you for your comments!

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