Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tales From The Longest Weekend

Here in Australia we just experienced the longest string of events and public holidays ever! For many people it meant a five day weekend getaway or relaxing at home, while others took the opportunity to get a little bit crazy. This was certainly the case for most of my friends. I guess the only way to share it with you is to list the events as they occurred... (I started writing full sentences, but was forced to change to list form. If I didn't you would all be old and gray by the time you finished the post).


- Enjoyed delicious sammich's with Tegan of Tink Simplicity at a quaint cafe called Jazz Apple Kitchen at the foot of Sydney's Blue Mountains.
- Worked on the bar and entertained a keen young party crowd.

Good Friday

- Ate a traditional hot cross bun breakky with my Grandparents.
- Farewelled my parents for the weekend.
- Took advantage of having a night off the bar.


- Worked during the day... Retailers everywhere were grumpy!
- Celebrated a friends 21st at a Brewery.

Easter Sunday

- Celebrated Easter  at home! I finally got to give my family their Easter gift that had been sitting under my bed for a week, being nibbled on by Mindy almost everyday!
- Discovered chocolate treats hidden amongst my bookshelf.
- Ate copious amounts of chocolate!
- Watched movies and played monopoly in true indoorsy style.

Anzac Monday

- Celebrated Anzac Day with friends at the local pub and ate so much pub style mushroom sauce!
- Home to enjoy the last minutes of peace & a good nights sleep.

Easter Tuesday

- Shut myself in my bedroom and succeeded in my mission of writing a 2500 word Equity essay in less than 24 hours.


While I did enjoy my Easter break, I received some devastating news on Sunday (and I wouldn't be an honest blogger if I kept this at a wonderful weekend everything-is-positive post). When I called my Mum to ask her how to use the new rice cooker, she ended up telling me that my Grandmother had passed away earlier that morning. She was a very strong lady and had been battling cancer for quite some time now. While I am completely saddened by her death, I can find solace in the fact that she is at peace now. She will remain forever in our hearts. We will miss her, but let her go.

How was your Easter break? 
Is anyone else still in a chocolate coma?


  1. I actually didn't have any candy this year...for once. I spent my Easter potting new plants and eating steaks with my family the night before.

    I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. I love that your logic always comes through...even in tough times. To know that somebody will no longer suffer is comforting in itself. Best wishes for you and yours.

  2. Yes, I'm still in a chocolate coma. But it feels so good!
    I'm really sorry to hear about your loss.
    I'm praying for you and your family.

  3. Im so sorry to hear about your loss, its always hard to take that kind of news :( thinking about you.

    your pics are stunning, the one of the cat is sooo cute.

    Hope the next few days are better for you

  4. Sorry to hear about your grandmother :( My own Nana is so frail and I dread the day. For what it's worth though, it does sound like you're looking at it positively and that's more than half the battle, I think.

    Other than that sad news, it sound like you had a perfect long, long weekend. I think I'm consuming more chocolate tonight than I did over the whole Easter weekend!

  5. Thank you all for your incredibly kind words! I think I can look at it so positively because it hasn't come as quite a shock. It has been a very prolonged process and so the end is actually a blessing. While it is painful for us here, she is no longer in pain.

    @ blace - wonderful to hear your garden is coming along nicely. I can't wait to see photos!

    @ chloe - we must embrace this time of year. Its the only time that its socially acceptable to eat chocolate at every meal of the day!

    @ ash - thank you kindly... Mindy truly is a cutie.

    @ annelise - I am sorry to hear about your Nana as well. I hope everything goes as well as it can!


Thank you for your comments!

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