Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If You Don't Eat Your Veggies...

As part of my 101 challenge, I have set the goal to eat a vegetarian diet for a week. This is a challenge that isn't going to be particularly hard, since I am not a really large meat eater on an everyday basis. Time aside though, what I hope to gain from this week is an insight into a healthy vegetarian diet, the planning, the cooking and of course the eating! 

The challenge began yesterday morning, and although I skipped breakfast I started the diet with some avocado and cucumber sushi. For dinner I made Baked Eggplant & Ricotta Rolls served with a side of Polenta. To my surprise, I didn't ruin the dish and it tasted amazing.

I am looking forward to trying my hand at the other meals I have planned.

Whats your favourite Veg dish?


  1. I don't know what my favorite is. I'm down for a good Greek Salad any day. Today, the lady I work with brought leftovers of spinach lasagna with whole wheat pasta. Pretty delicious.

  2. So Kaish.. When can I come for dinner? Looks so delish:) I have a whole scrapbook of favourite to share if you do decide to continue your very kind challengex

  3. they look divine! been a veg head since 9th grade, do i have to pick a favorite?

  4. That looks really yummy!

    I sent your easter stuff out last week as well. I sent it priority mail which was supposed to get to you in 5-6 days. It has dome chocolate in it, so I hope it didn't ruin. Also, I never had to fill out a contents form so I am praying I did it right. You should be getting it about Thursday, I would think. If not, let me know - I may have not done something right on the form or sent something that Australia doesn't allow.


Thank you for your comments!

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