Friday, April 1, 2011

Mixing Up Our Muesli

Early last week I stumbled upon this wonderful website where you can custom make your own Muesli (pretty sure I was trolling the Frankie blog). Anyway, it's called MuesliMixer and it's absolutely wonderful. It offers over 55 ingredients including base mixes, dried fruits, nuts, seeds and cereal bits and pieces. As you add your ingredients, you get a running total of the nutritional information alongside your selection. Since I often refuse to eat Sultana Bran and other breakfast Muesli's because of their sultanas (gross), MuesliMixer allowed me to pull together a creation that would satisfy my taste buds. I was super excited to place my order straight away, but first I required the help of my Muesli connoisseur boyfriend. Together we decided that our Muesli should include toasted oats, linseed, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, gojiberries (apparently some sort of superfruit?), paw paw, pineapple, flaked almonds, pepitas & bran flakes. Oh and did I mention you get to name your creation!!

It took a few days to arrive, but our breakfast tastes as great as it looks (I guess plain yogurt would have been more aesthetically appeasing for the photo, but I only had blueberry at the time). Either way, now I am leaving the house all smiles, without those annoying stomach grumbles around lunch time.


  1. i've been tellin' everyone who'll listen about this bad ass muesli site.

    it makes me look so health conscious haha


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