Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh Harry!

So as most of you are aware... I am a complete Harry Potter nut! I feel in love with this magical world at a young age, and the love affair has never been superseded. In my eyes, Harry is second to none! (LOL). The reason for this post however, is not to tell you things you already know about me, but to show you my collection!

It began with just the first four books... I received them at each at age 10, where I began reading them and growing up alongside Harry himself. From then onwards, I purchased the following books as they were released right up until I was 15. Amidst these teenage years however, I began to keep my love a secret. I was ridiculed in High School for rocking a Harry Potter pencil case and so I thought it best to blend in instead. As a result I never purchased or read Deathly Hallows until just this year!!! 

In addition to the novels, I have been lucky enough to find some other Harry Potter inspired treasures hidden amongst the shelves of second hand book stores. The first supplement I came across was The Tales of Beedle the Bard. This is the wizarding world's equivalent of our Brothers Grimm, and appears in Deathly Hallows as a gift bequeathed to Hermoine from Dumbledore himself. I found my copy to be incomplete, and so I added the deathly hallows symbol at the top for authenticity. 

I stumbled across the other two supplements while I was browsing another second hand store just the other day. The first, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, is a copy of a text book that belonged to Harry in the very first novel. The second, Quidditch Through the Ages, is another text book, this time belonging to Hogwarts Library. 

I think the best part about owning this entire collection is knowing that the original purchaser's of the novelty companions have contributed to donating over $30 million to Comic Relief and The Children's Voice charity campaigns! Three cheers for Rowling's philanthropic work! 

P.S. For those with brilliant eyes, no I am not missing The Chamber of Secrets. It was just on loan to someone when this photo was taken. 


  1. You forgot to mention the short story 'prequel' she wrote for a charity auction, which was later made available online. You can read an article about it via

    And the story itself can be found here:

  2. Oh thank you for that link! I know I'll never get my hands on a copy. So I've decided to print the story on marbled paper, and just roll it up into a scroll and place it on top! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. This post also suits your blog tittle.

  4. hhaahhhaa i drew the symbol in my copy of the tales of beedle bard too <3 Little bit embarrasing ;)
    Eva xxx


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