Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday... On Saturday

Fill In The Blank Friday with Lauren of The Little Things We Do has fastly become my favorite link-up! They are quick little prompts that I can always fill in during the spare moments I have between jobs, but then I leave thinking about them for the rest of the day! If you don't play along already, I suggest you do. Its tonnes of fun!

1. I love the end of the semester because that means that holidays are so very soon!!!

2. A time that Mama knew best was when her and Papa stepped in and held a little intervention for something that wasn't so great in my life! I quit my job as a result and started on a path of positivity. Thank gosh, because I am probably the happiest I have ever been!

3. My first kiss went a little like this... a little quick and nervous peck in the 9th grade. Yes, THE NINTH GRADE! Either I was the only person in high school that thought that boys still had cooties! Or I was THAT girl that no body dare wanted to kiss. I'm not sure :(

4. My celebrity crush is Johhny Depp. And always will be! So much talent!

5. My splurge of choice is food! I don't really eat that much. But I like to go out on dinner dates a lot.

6. My biggest accomplishment is my studies! Getting into University, already completing one degree and being part way through another is probably by biggest achievement to date.

7. My dance jam of choice is Lady GaGa. Not for any particular reason. But just because it's always playing in someone's car when we're going out as a group.

Head over to The Little Things We Do to see what other people have filled their blanks with!


  1. super cute answers and link up questions... now i have the song "my first kiss went a little like this" is that Kesha?... ohh geez. good to know a little more about ya;)

  2. great fill in the blanks definitely gets to know you much better :D

  3. Ha-ha, ninth grade is okay, my first kiss was in tenth grade :) My first boyfriend, my sophomore year of high school!! It was such an embarrassing time : /

  4. I totally felt in love with your blog. You layout is cute! :)

  5. Hi darling!

    Hope you are having a beautiful weekend. :)

    I love dinner dates too! Although I don't go on many I am always up for it as soon as it's an option! Tasting foods at different places is always exciting!

    Awwh! Your parents seem so sweet, you are so lucky to have them. Oh and I totally love Johnny Depp too!



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