Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Sounds: Agnes Obel & A Link Up!

This week's Sunday Sounds is a beautiful track bought to you all the way from Berlin's Agnes Obel. It's a little old, but Riverside is definite gem! It's simple and calming and absolutely great for whatever you have planned this Sunday! The piano chords are a stark difference to the music I listen to on a daily basis, and I've found it quite refreshing. And then there's the video! The video is hauntingly beautiful and filmed in matching tones. It's enough to captivate your soul and take you on some sort of whimsical journey. I think even without the visual aid, Agnes Obel's vocals alone are enough to ensnare any listener.

And now! More importantly!!! I have decided to turn Sunday Sounds into a link up! I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that a few blogs have been playing along anyway... So why not make this a space for everyone to share their weekly music loves!? I love sharing new music, and I certainly love finding new music, so what better way than to have it all here in one place. If there is a new song your are currently lusting over, or a new album out by one of your favorite artists, or even an old song that's just stuck in your head, please share it with me! There aren't too many rules with this link up! You can use YouTube clips like I do, link to an mp3 download, use a media host, or even just write about it in general! All I ask is that you use the Sunday Sounds button I've provided, and link up your post back here for me, and anyone else who's interested to see! Happy listening!


  1. I really like this whole Sunday Sounds thing you have going on! It's fantastic.

    And you are opening my eyes to new and different sounds.

    So, I like this one heaps. :)

    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.


  2. Ooh... pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  3. this is a great idea! :) i also enjoy the video you put up i've got to get them on my mp3 player! hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  4. Lovely lovely lovely! I can't wait to join in!

    xo Shannon


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