Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

In the calamity that was last week's exam period I completely forgot that the lovely Erinj0 from her self titled blog had passed on this little blog award. I think these are a super sweet way to show someone that you adore what they have to say and the things they share, even though the fact that people actually read this blog of mine sometimes escapes me (especially being so new). But I really enjoy seeing the blogs nominated by others on lists like these and have found a number of daily reads through them! So yes, I will definitely participate!

This award requires the recipient to tell five facts about themselves. But since I often disclose my likes and dislikes, and all the basic facts can be found on my About Me, I'm going to tell you some trivial things that I have never shared before...
  1. If I were born a boy, my name was going to be Ryan. Seems odd!?
  2. Once my shoelace got caught in an escalator and I totally thought I was going to die. A nice man grabbed my ankle and ripped it back out though. 
  3. I have a hidden love for barber shop quartet! So on occasions I'll just sit here and watch online videos until I get my a cappella fix. 
  4. Boys use to tease me all through Primary AND the early years of High School. That's why I confided in books, locked myself in the library and dreamed about spending the rest of my life with Harry Potter.
  5. I've known that I wanted to be a Lawyer since I was eleven years old, back when all the other kids were planning on becoming Rock Stars, Actresses or Professional Skateboarders.
It's my pleasure to pass this award on to five other versatile blogs I rather enjoy. Some are very well established and form part of my daily reads and others just beginning to flourish offering some really sweet stuff.


  1. Congrats on your award - well deserved I think!!
    It's so nice to get to know you better!
    Looking forward to checking out the blogs that you have past it onto aswell.

  2. Thank you! I'll post my answers after the road trip!

  3. Interesting facts! I used to get teased, and lost myself in the world of books when I was younger :) Although, I didn't dream of Harry Potter... I dreamed of traveling with the Fellowship of the Ring, haha.

  4. Love these random facts of you!!
    And thank you!!
    You're so sweet for choosing my blog! :)

  5. Awwwh you are so sweet! I love reading your blog, I actually get excited when I see you have a new one in my dashboard! :D

    Thank you for the award lovely. You are too nice! :)
    I feel very special receiving this! And thank you for reading my blog and being such a darling.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  6. So glad you participated :) I absolutely love your blog because as it stays true to your personality (from what I can tell! lol) Your writings are so true, real, and fun.

    Random! But since you want to be a lawyer, what do you think of the Casey Anthony trial? Guilty or not? I have been watching it SO much and feel that she is SO guilty...


Thank you for your comments!

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