Friday, June 3, 2011

Spare Time

Right at this very moment, I am sitting up (but still in bed) after a much needed sleep in and waiting for Joel to get home. I knew I wanted to make a blog post about not being able to do this for much longer, and the best way would be to participate in Jesslyn Amber's The Simple Things link up again!

So, keeping with the theme of overall positivity, the thing I am appreciative of right now is spare time! My final exams are in no less than two weeks! Eeep! So, yesterday I sat down and drew up a very tight study plan, with all the topics I need to make notes for and all the questions I should practice answering. It's a great plan, and I'm pretty proud of it. The only thing is, while I've factored in time for my regular paid work, I didn't leave any room to spare! So I think I will become somewhat like a hermit crab over the next few days... 

Knowing that yesterday and today were to be my last days of freedom, I decided to make the most of them. Last night I met up with two of my dearest friends for a dinner date at our favorite Thai restaurant. We stayed for much longer than anticipated, so much so our partners had each called to tell us that they had retreated to bed! And today, well Joel should be home any minute now... and all I plan on doing is relaxing and enjoying his company before I have to go to work tonight and start this study regime tomorrow. 

I may be a little MIA for a while. But I promise to have bigger and better things when I come back!

I hope you each enjoy the rest of your week, and head over to Jesslyn Amber if you feel like spreading a little postivity and sharing your appreciation for life's simple joys.


  1. I love spare time :) (I seem to have a lot of it though, ha) - Good luck on your final exams this coming week! I always find that when I write down and plan everything out...making lists...I just "feel" better. I guess that is the OCD organized part of me!

  2. Hey lovely!

    I love spare time, especially when it comes so rare, like for yourself. Enjoy every minute of it! :)

    Good luck with the exams, I am sure you will be perfectly fine and I give you kudos for actually creating a study regime, that's really good and it will only make it easier for you :) I am sending all my positivity your way!



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