Friday, June 10, 2011

Time Capsule

Since the start of June, I have been participating (rather briefly) in The 30 Day Journal Challenge hosted by Run With Scissors. Each of the daily prompts have been fantastic, and I've been able to jot down my answer in a timely manner, alongside my exam study. However, one of the prompts this week had me completely stumped! Participants were asked, "If you were to make a time capsule today, that wouldn't be opened for 100 years, what would you put in it?". The question was completely hypothetical, allowing ideas to be as strange as they could be. But, I still struggled with the thought of parting with some of my prized possessions today, only for them to be opened by some stranger in 2111. After some thought though, I figured that all that really needs to be in there is a little bit of evidence that I existed, and some other kick ass stuff! I would include...

  • A handful of photos showing snippets of my life.
  • A journal, possibly the one I'm doing now, to detail what life is like nowadays.
  • Harper Lee's To Kill A Mocking Bird (just in case hard copy books cease to exist). 
  • A mix tape of my favorite songs. 
  • My Grandma's recipe for scones. 
  • A copy of Frankie Mag (in case they don't exist either). 
  • Some sort of jewelry to become heir-loomy. 

If you could create your 100 year time capsule today, what would you put in it?

And! If you are looking for a little monthly project, I strongly recommend heading over to Run With Scissors to play along! Its not too late! I'll share some of my entries soon.


  1. Well! As soon as I saw your post, I fell in love! A workmate of mine was watching me while I was watching it & he said that I had the BIGGEST smile on my face - so I just had to pay it forward! =)

  2. if i could "like" this blog entry, i would :)

  3. I love the mix tape idea! Used to LOVE doing those!! :D x

  4. Hi love. I read this while I was at work, and I would've comment earlier but something wouldn't let me do it! Grrr!

    And you know what. This totally stumped me too! Really has me thinking, what on earth could I put in a box to signify who I was and what I contributed to this world.

    I love your selections. They are wonderful. :)

    I will have to think about it some more... I know I would have to add some Vogues in there!! Hmmm....


  5. kaisha, isn't it super fun to see other's perspectives? eager to see your challenge pages. big hugs!


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