Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winter Aspirations

It's officially Winter here in Australia and you can definitely tell! The lovely Autumnal trees I posted about last week have lost most, if not all of their leaves and are standing tall and naked now. It has been raining a lot lately, which means I don't have any dry fire wood! So hopefully that will change soon. Artificial heating just isn't the same.

As with any seasonal change, I like to make a list of aspirations and things to achieve in that three month period. Since I am on Uni holidays for most of Winter, I'll be raising the bar by adding fair few more to-do's.

1. Achieve higher than a PASS on my final exams.

I only have 3 x 3 hour final exams left and then I will be finished another semester of my Law Degree. I have been lucky enough to score fairly good marks on the assessments throughout the semester, so with a little bit of applied study the exams should go well!

2. Start a regular training regime.

This is something that I've not only been wanting to do for a long time, but really need to do. Generally Winter is a comfort season for me. I crave hot foods and I long for entire days spent rugged up indoors. Each of which will not be any good for my figure or general health. Since it will be too cold to run outdoors, I should take this opportunity to join a Gym and finally cross off my monthly running challenge. I think Couch to 5K would be a good place to start... Besides, everyone is warmer after a work out!


Over the last couple of months I have picked up around thirteen or so new books! My goal is to get back to my old reading pace and read at least three or four a month! Now is when I ask you all for suggestions...

4. Follow up the DIY's I have purchased materials for...

This one is pretty self explanatory. I have collected buttons and material of all sorts, I've even started cutting out the pattern for some DIY's. So Winter this year should be quite the productive one.

5. Cook a hearty vegetable soup!

Like I said, I crave soups in Winter. I can taste it now Mmmmmm.

6. Make an effort to spend time with my friends.

I often try to work as much as I can in the Uni break so I can cut down when the next semester starts and hopefully still have some money saved. But some much needed friend time is definitely on the cards this Winter.

7. Try my hardest to cross of any Winter related goals on my 101/1001 list.

You can view the list here. At a quick glance I can see myself knitting, sewing and trying my hand at solving a rubick's cube!

Oh and Winter would be complete if I saw someone wearing a Snuggie in public. That never happened last year. What would your Winter goals be?


  1. It is oh so odd to think that you are in winter weather right now - here it is over 90 degrees!! (...and I am an odd duckling who DOESN'T like the heat!)

    One book that I just finished and really enjoyed was "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro - it was an easy read & I bought it on goodwillbooks on ebay for about 5 bucks! :)

  2. great to-do list. And it's really odd because it's summer here in the UK...!! oh well...! :) x

  3. Good luck with all of that! I seriously have issues completing stuff for some reason! I need to set myself a goal and actually finish it! It upsets me really.

    Anyway, the soup sounds YUMO!!! You must give me recipe. ;)

    And in regards to reading, have you read the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead? IN LOVE WITH THEM! Oh and currently enjoying the Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Clare!


  4. Dont have to go to the gym to workout :)
    body weight exercises are just as effective if nt more effective and they dont cost anything :)


  5. This is a great list!!
    I'm sure you'll complete it!

  6. I think it's crazy that it's winter where you are and just turning to summer here! I am so excited I found your blog! I can't wait to go back and read your older post and get to know you better! I would be honored if you would visit my blog and tell me what you think!

    Thank you


  7. oh my word, it's june 1 here and 90 bloody degrees! looving that you're heading into winter. your goals are magnificent, i especially love that you're going to work on a rubick's cube! i've never been cool enough to solve one ;-)

    xo shannon

  8. what a great list of goals. actually my family lives in australia so they must have winter going on too instead of the crappy summer i'm having on the other end of the world. i love soups! hope to see a recipe if you make a delicious one :D

  9. Hey thank you for visiting my blog! Law is my boyfriend ;) I wish I was smart enough to go to law school.

  10. Love your blog and all your pictures are amazing:) I hope your exams go well I also have exams at highschool at the moment. If you have time it would be lovely if you could check out my blog but if not dont worry:) Aly xx


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