Monday, May 2, 2011

April's Best Bits

April was a bit of a weird month for me. It kind of just passed on by one day at a time. There were a few stand out dates though. Its wasn't all doom and gloom!

Easter was definitely the highlight of the month! I love holidays and I love getting festive. I got a little crafty with some baskets, shredded paper and felt cut outs, and used it all to piece together some Easter gifts for my loved ones. As well as this, I participated in a little intercontinental candy swap hosted by the lovely Erin over at My Beautiful Disaster. I was paired up with Danielle from Simple Sapphire, and created her a basket mix of candy and chocolatly goodness. Although I'm pretty certain that Air Mail has failed me... here is some photo evidence!

I spent most of my spare time in April browsing the isles of second hand book stores. I ended up finding a bunch of my wish-list books amongst the dusty shelves, as well as some classics! I think all up I purchased about twelve new books for under $37. Now I just have to wait for the winter break to start reading them all!

Aside from the odd weekend off to celebrate a friends birthday, that's about all April had to offer. We have one more Autumnal month before the Winter kicks in! Hooray!


  1. Oooh, I like the basket! I just got my candy in the mail a few days ago, haha. Snail mail for sure! Glad you participated!

  2. Looks like a good month overall for you. I don't know where my April went...hours spend doing very little at work and learning very little at school I suppose.

  3. I ADORE secondhand book stores! I had a friend in high school whose moms owned one. I spent a lot of my senior year in there with them. It was completely filled with antiques as well. Beautiful.

  4. I LOVE used book stores! i can spend hours in there. In fact i always have to make sure i go alone, otherwise i get yelled at lol

  5. Love the basket that you made. Sorry to hear that airmail just wasn't working out for you. Otherwise, wish I had ideas to put a basket together. I'm not that crafty in fact I depend on my mom to get stuff like that together for me haha.

    I love books. I definitely should hit up some used book stores to find some interesting reads. I am lacking time to myself and this is a good way to relax my mind.

  6. @ Erin - Thank you for hosting!

    @ Blace - It's one of those in-between non-event type months. I understand completely!

    @ Shay - That sounds so lovely!

    @ Penny Lane - I know what you mean about going alone! I've dragged a few people along before... My sister hates it!

    @ Abby - Definitely find yourself a new book!

  7. Oh wow! I received my candy today! Thank you. It didn't quite look like the picture, but its all so lovely. Have you received my package yet?


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