Friday, May 20, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

Its that time again... that five hour block of boredom between winding down from University and heading to work at the bar. Thank gosh we have Lauren and her little blog link-up to save the day!

1. People always tell me I look like Katherine Heigl! I would always get, "you remind me of that Grey's Anatomy chick" or "that lady from Knocked Up". Not so much these days, but I could definitely see the similarities when I had blonde hair. She doesn't have the same out of proportion teeth to gum ratio when she smiles like I do. HA!

2. Friends don't let friends date weirdo's! Unfortunately there was once a situation where I fell a little short of this friendship requirement. I lead my best friend astray one night... Right into the arms of someone who I thought was a genuinely nice guy, but who ended up being the kind with a little too much baggage! That's not a story for the interweb though!

3. A sunny day is perfect for feeling guilty for being inside! That's why each Summer I promise myself to make the most out of every blissful day. It's almost Winter here now, and mother nature has been giving us weather that makes me feel the complete opposite of guilty for rugging up and snuggling inside.

4. My favorite accessory is rings! Especially big unique looking ones! Even if I have absolutely no other jewelry on, I will always wear something on my fingers. They just feel naked otherwise!

5. If I could afford it I would take the second half of the year off Uni and travel! I'm finding myself getting increasingly frustrated at home these days, and I think it's mainly because of routine. But that may just be ending soon... and I may just have some exciting travel news coming up!

6. The cure for boredom is picking up your phone and giving someone a call! Even if you can't meet in real life, you can definitely kill some hours catching up!

7. I'm currently in "like" with sushi! I know I said this last week, but it's becoming a serious deal! I eat at the same sushi train three times a week on average! And if for some reason I don't have time to stop in, I get takeaway! It really is that amazing.

If you want to play along and you don't do so already, head over to The Little Things We Do to join in!


  1. Hi love!

    Yes, Fridays are always quite boring after work (for me) I don't club much, so yes, I am more of the go home and eat dinner and watch tv and blog until bed type... sometimes! haha.

    Anyway, great little thing you have going on "blank fridays" like it heaps!

    oh and I LOVE sushi too :D


  2. hey! I totally agree, fridays are totally boring after 1pm when I finish work. I hate clubbing, nothing to do in my town, etc. I love your fill in the blanks idea. And, I love sushi, too!

    Jules @ Retro Jules

  3. but kaisha u never did say where you'd travel to, so spill, will u? ;)

  4. I always have that urge to nick off and travel! And you're right, it's the routine that does it. Sadly, the bank account doesn't quite match the desire.


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