Thursday, May 26, 2011

Autumn's Almost Over

 Top - Maurie & Eve
Cardigan - Agent NinetyNine
Shorts - Quirky Circus for Mink Pink
Belt - Thrifted
Hat - Dangerfield 
Shoes - General Pants

Holy moley! Another season is winding up and soon it will be Winter! Although, it feels as if Winter has come early this year. I've been wearing layers to bed, even more layers to work and incredible amounts of layers to University. My fireplace has been alight almost every night, and Joel and I have been going to sleep in pre-warmed beds! I think my electric blanket has become my new best friend. Even if it makes me run late almost every day.

May has had an abundance of those brisk but sunny mornings. Those ones where if you look out of your window it will appear to be a fantastic day outside, but the moment you step out the door, you know you are going to regret wearing tights instead of jeans! Fortunately, today was a little warmer than most have been. I waited until the wind had settled to venture outside and show you all my very colorful trees! I hate seeing trees without leaves. It's as if they are naked almost? But, the leaves did make for some pretty fun shots. My kitty even joined in on the action!

What was your favorite part of Autumn? (Even if it's been long gone for you).


  1. cute outfit! I just love autumn on a sunny day, perfect for walking! :)

  2. Hi lovely.!

    I love your outfit!

    And Autumn is my FAV season. It's perfect. :) Not a fan of Winter, I can feel the overly chill already!

    I am going to miss the cold but not freezing days, but there must be other seasons!

    Your kitty is too cute! :D


  3. Cute outfit!!
    And that cat is so sweet!!

  4. love all these pics, they look amazing!!im a sucker for crunchy leaves and sunny mornings in autumn :)

  5. Autumn has been freezing in Victoria! Feels like winter already which worries me - if it's this cold now, just how cold is it going to be when winter really does hit?!

    The trees are always my favourite part of autumn. The colours, like the leaves in your photos, are spectacular.

  6. I love the floral pattern on your shorts! and my fav part of autumn would have to be crunching the leaves! seriously.. if i see a pile of leaves i have to stomp on them :P.. What's your fav part? x

  7. beautiful the shorts...

  8. oh kaisha you're so pretty! super pix of u & ur kitty. it's so weird that winter is headed ur way, & summer is nearly here. sweat drenched Texan humid, heat anyone? autumn's my fave because of the cooler weather, layered clothes, tights, boots... luv when leaves change colors. & halloween's my a fave holiday of all time. :)

  9. Thank you all for your sweet words!

    @ Julia - Yes! I don't walk my dogs because they have so much land to run around on, but I've walked my boyfriends dog with him in autumn, and it's bliss!

    @ Stephanie - Thank you! I know... just think, at the end of winter is spring!

    @ Chloe - Thank you lovely. Mindy is the sweetest!

    @ Ash - Yes! Crunchy leaves are the best! My sister and I were throwing them around yesterday when these photos were taken :)

    @ Annelise - Oh you live in Vic!!? Good luck with the temperatures there :)

    @ Chloe - That is definitely the best part. The sunny mornings & the crunchy leaves! My fav would have to be watching the leaves change.

    @ Vasu - Thank you :)

    @ Teddi - Thank you kindly! Oooh I forgot that you have Halloween in Fall... that would be amazing!

  10. Autumn is my all time favorite season. I am odd enough to not like summer and the heat! I love the cool crisp weather. I love wearing those comfy cable-knit sweaters. I love hot apple cider and taking walks early in the morning watching the leaves change and fall & hearing them crunch! I could go on & on... I ♥ fall

    I also ♥ your blog!!!!!!!
    (I'm serious about that one, too)

  11. I can't believe its almost winter already! Its been soooo very cold I just cant imagine it getting even colder still!!


  12. Your blog is AMAZING, I am incredibly jealous. It seems you can do a lot more on Blogger than you can Wordpress...
    Incredible photography, and I love the 'I'm Bored' bucket idea, I might actually give that a try!

  13. I'm so jealous that it's Autumn/Winter there now.. lucky!

    and those shorts are to die for. I love them.

  14. I am absolutely in love with those shorts! So cute. Nice pictures, too! The quality's awesome.

  15. i love these photos! it's summer over here in ca, and your photos make me wish it was autumn already! i love autumn oh so much. :)


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