Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Polka Dots & Little Felt Spots

Oversized Tee - Target 
Skirt - Second Hand 
Hat - Dangerfield 
Shoes - I cant remember... but Tony Bianco have the same! 

I pieced together this little outfit for a funeral I went to yesterday. I knew from the moment I heard that Nanna Dawn had passed that I was NOT wearing layers of black. I drew inspiration from Dawn's years and years of lady-like dressing and found the perfect pleated polka dot skirt! Since the funeral was held in a memorial garden of flowers and waterfalls, I decided it would be appropriate to finally wear my felt hat. Although walking around rockery and grassy patches in such high heels proved incredibly difficult, my Mum suggested that suede shoes complimented the outfit best. All in all, it was a very sad day, but such a lovely way to farewell a wonderful woman.


  1. sorry about the funeral:( but on a lighter note you look beautiful!!!! I love this outfit!

  2. oh that's so sad. i mean u look cute, but after i go 2 yucky funerals like that, i can't wear those clothes again. i sure hope u don't have that same problem.

  3. Sad occasion to wear a really cute outfit. Funerals are never fun but as long as it's a 'nice' funeral, then it's not so bad. Hope you're doing okay. x

  4. Lovely outfit.
    You look beautiful!
    But I'm really sorry about the funeral :(

  5. Sorry to hear about your loss, but your outfit is really lovely. Classic and chic!

    Great blog by the way, glad I stumbled across it - new follower! xxx

  6. I'm sorry for your loss. That is a very cute outfit, I think it's nice you chose not to wear "layers of black".

    Great blog. ♥

  7. sorry about your loss. With your short exert about her she sounds like she was a wonderful woman.

    Your outfit is beautiful it's definitely very sophisticated. I think that it's also an outfit that also could been worn at a different occasion. You look lovely.

  8. Again, so sorry to hear of your loss. The funeral sounds like it was beautiful.

    Gorgeous outfit. And you are inspiring me to actually do my hair tomorrow. So thank you for that.

  9. Oh thank you guys so much! Your kind words are especially appreciated on this one. She truly would have loved the outfit! x

  10. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! You are so kind! :) Also, I LOVE your outfit and you ARE gorgeous!


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