Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May's Best Bits

As the end of each month comes to its close, I try to think back to what I thought were the best parts to write this little monthly post. Well I started thinking yesterday, and again today, and I still have nothing great! I guess May was really a non-event type month for me. It seems as if majority of what I did was work, either at both of my regular jobs or at Uni! And if I sat down to crunch the numbers, I'm pretty sure they would support my proposition.

I did take two nights off the bar to celebrate the birthdays of two of my dearest friends. We ate dinner in cute backyard restaurants in the city and I drank a few too many Lychee Mojitos! Although I was a little late because I had to work, I always enjoy my time spent with these wonderful friends. The other two weekends were spent making new friends at my bar! I have some regular customers now and they truly make my night go much faster! They have been super flexible in their drink orders and place their trust in my drink mixing abilities each week. I'll have to step up my game and think of something great for this weekend's shift!

Whenever I had a small window of alone time in May I picked up my copy of Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones. Yes, I realise that I am several years behind on this read. But the truth is, I was never inclined to read it because I knew about the content. One day though, I saw it in a second hand store and thought about reading it again. It has taken me much longer to get through than most books. Not because I think it's bad or anything, I actually think it's written beautifully (especially from a young, first time author). Its just that the content is just a little unconventional to me... While the first chapters were incredibly hard to get through, I can see now that it offers much more than the idea of a brutally murdered teenage girl going to heaven. I only have a few chapters to go, so hopefully I can finish it before I have to put all non-law related reads aside in preparation for my final exams.

Hopefully June has much more to offer! What was your favorite part of May?


  1. May was quite eventful for me as I turned 25! lol. Hope you have a fabulous June xx


  2. Hi love!

    Awh you look so beautiful in that photograph! :)

    And I watched the movie of "The Lovely Bones" and it was great, haven't read the book but sometimes movies translate better on the screen? It was a beautiful movie though.

    And may for me ... nothing really! Work, getting sick, still being sick and oh! My therapy shopping, I more to look forward to now! :P

    I hope June brings you more eventful lovely things.


  3. cute photo!
    I don't have many highlights of May, apart from my birthday, which is a bit boring to be honest. *sigh*

    Hopefully June will be better. One of these days, I'll get myself into gear and get up to Scotland!


  4. great Photos!!

  5. @ Christie - Oh well Happy Birthday for then! I hope it was wonderful!

    @ Stephanie - I can't believe you are STILL sick! Hurry up and get better please Miss! x

    @ Julia - Oh it was your birthday too! I have to check out your birthday posts :)

    @ Laura - Thank you kindly.

    @ Teddi - You always say the nicest things! Thank you :)


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