Thursday, May 5, 2011

Running Late...

While I was at work last night, I kind of admitted (without thinking ahead) to a really embarrassing fact! It all happened while I was admiring a lovely new watch on the wrist of one of the other bar girls, when out of nowhere I said "hey, did you know I couldn't tell analog time until 2009!". As soon as the words left my mouth I instantly wished they hadn't. My work friends thought that I was kidding at first, and when my blank facial expression confirmed that I wasn't, they all started laughing at me. I tried to save some of my dignity by telling them that in 2009, I was already in my second year of University. But it was too late, the damage was done! When I think back to those childhood days, when everyone around me was learning the time, there really isn't any explanation for this. It's just something that never sat well with me. I could sit there and slowly figure out what the big hand on three and the small hand on twelve meant, but at a quick glance I was hopeless! And this was the case right up until I was given my first watch as a gift for my 19th birthday. It was silver and shiny... and had four small strokes on each quarter! I eventually trained myself at the whole glance thing, but it took a while. I guess now that everyone knows, its time for me to accept this little fault of mine and go on wearing watches with confidence! Hell, I might even go all out and put clock faces everywhere! 


  1. my sister could hardly tell time until a few years ago, and she just turned 20, so. there ya go. :)

  2. My cousin is 26 and still can't tell the time by analogue :) Seems like it's more common than people think!

  3. Such a funny story!!
    Thanks for sharing and being so honest!!
    I had problems telling analong time when I was a child too.

  4. it's ok, i remember learning how to tell time in first grade as being very difficult! i thought a quarter to or a quarter after meant 25 minutes not 15 minutes until about 5 years ago.

  5. Hi love!

    Your blog is so cute! :)

    Don't worry about the whole telling time thing, I had a few issues too when I was around that age! Haha. Mine was more of the reading the roman numeral versions. Lol.

    Keep up the good work. Keeping an eye on this blog. :)



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