Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Simple Things In Life

The Simple Things

The lovely Jesslyn Amber (the face behind her self-titled blog) is now hosting the sweetest link-up! Its called The Simple Things In Life and is centered around the idea of appreciating all the wonderful things in life that we usually wouldn't cast a second thought towards. She believes it to be a great way to remain optimistic and remember that "life is about enjoying the little, special, simple joys of our everyday".

I originally started this little blog of mine for the exact same reasons! I was in a place of complete negativity and was searching for a way to put aside the trials and tribulations of the previous chapters of my life and move forward in a more positive light... And it certainly worked! So I will definitely be playing along. There aren't any rules with this link-up, you can participate using photos, lists, written excerpts or whatever takes your fancy!

For my first contribution to The Simple Things In Life, I would like to stop and appreciate the warmth of an open fire. Since moving to my new house just over a year ago, I have been able to experience the comfort of heat in its raw fire form (so so so much better than an electric heater). The winter weather has seemed to arrive a month in advance here in Australia, and so the fire has been started much earlier than usual. Although I can lay in front of it for hours, I always seem to forget that it needs more wood to stay alive! I think my kitty enjoys it the most. It's Mindy's first winter, and while she was terrified of the fire on the first night she has become very fond of it now. She no longer sleeps at the foot of my bed, but rather at the foot of the fireplace. I'll have to take one of those cliche' cat sleeping in front of the fire type photos. Either way though, it is impossible to whine about being chilled to the bone when you have a fireplace!

Head over to Jessyln Amber to check out her list of simple musings, and play along next Thursday! 


  1. In my dream house, I'd definitely have a fire place! This sounds so cozy! <3

  2. Kaisha! You are the sweetest thing ever! :)

    Wow, it's so weird how were are in completely opposite seasons! It's just starting to get really hot here in Tennessee, and it's starting to get cold there!

    I love that you chose a fire. Oh, that makes me feel so cozy. A fire, a book and some hot cocoa or coffee would be absolutely perfect right now.

    Thank you SO much for participating!!! :)

  3. In my old place in Melbourne I had an open fire and whilst I would grouch about chopping, stacking and carrying wood - the feeling and sound of an open fire transforms a room.


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