Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 Days of Lists: List Eight

In My Bag

Today's 30 Days of Lists topic could not have caught me more off guard! I was actually scared of what I would find inside upon unlatching the clasp. But luckily enough, it wasn't too bad. The photo shows a lot of the everyday things that are in my bag...

1. Bag
2. Sunglasses
3. Pencil Case
4. Cupcake Lip Gloss
5. Pen
6. Clinique Mascara
7. Nurofen
8. Pill
9. Earrings
10. Vera Wang Princess
11. Mirror
12. Car Key
13. Coin/Note/Card Purse
14.  Eclipse Mints
15. Clinique Make Up

... But since I promised to be more of an honest blogger as of yesterday, it is important to mention that also contained within my bag was about 23 petrol/shopping receipts, my shifts for the week on a screwed up piece of paper and two entry forms to win an iPad because I spent so much money at the University bookstore (which I forgot to register for, WOOPS).

Looking forward to tomorrow's list!

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