Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Autumn Aspirations

Today's prompt from the 30 Days of Lists ladies has everyone writing down their Spring To-Do lists. But here in the Southern Hemisphere it is only a few weeks into Autumn. Autumn is not really a season that I would usually make a to-do list for. Autumn for me is a three month block, filled to the brim with university work and regular work right up until the Winter break. But this Autumn I might do something different. Apart from aspiring to do well in all my units this semester, I would love to cross off a few of my 101/1001 goals. It is actually perfect timing since my friends and I decided just the other night that we would embark on some Autumn adventures. This Autumn I would love to...

- Go camping.
- Make a bonfire.
- Go fishing. Without complaining.
- Stay in a Bed & Breakfast in an amazing place.

I think Autumn will give us the perfect weather to cross all of those off!


  1. Autumn sounds perfect for all of the above! I'm thinking of rallying up the troops for an Autumn road trip of sorts. Here's hoping my friends are keen for some adventures!

  2. Oh sounds lovely... It's definitely best with a larger group!


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