Monday, March 7, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Week One

Just under a week ago, I stumbled upon an immediately eye catching little project... 30 Days of Lists is a blogging/photography initiative created by three lovely blogging world ladies, A New Beginning, Campfire Chic and Lemon and Raspberry. I think it is a great way for me to share a little glimpse into my life right now with anyone who reads this (besides, who doesn't love list making!!!). Although the project has creative intentions at heart, going back to uni the same week as this challenge started effectively squished any creative bean I had in my body. The first week of lists were still made on a daily basis, they just have to be presented collectively at the same time. Since 30 Days of Lists has a great association with the Flickr Community, I have sourced some lovely Flickr photos (as well as photos of my own) to compliment the nature of my lists. So here goes...

List One - A Few Things About Yourself 

- I am a 4th year University student studying Law.
- I am a bartender, trying desperately to survive financially throughout the semester. 
- I am a sister to, well, my sister. 
- I am a best friend to some lovely ladies. 
- I am an animal lover (with over 50 pets!).
- I am addicted to social networking. 
- I am equally addicted to procrastination. 
- I am in love with the smell of new books. 
- I am obsessed with Harry Potter. 
- I am OCD in more ways than one (that should be another list entirely). 
- I am a giant fan of mushrooms.

List Two - A Few Things I'm Good At 

meagan foreman

- Reading. 
- Highlighting my textbooks. 
- Procrastinating. 
- Forgetting to call/text people back. 
- Telling really lame jokes.
- Spooning. 
- Sarcasm. 
- Baking.
- Giving honest advice. 
- Spending the whole day in bed if I could. 

List Three - I am looking forward to... 


- My 21st Circus birthday!
- A cup of tea. 
- Working through my current 101/1001 To Do List
- The weekend. 
- Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part Two. 
- Weather cold enough to wear scarfs & hats outside.

List Four - Today's Playlist 

- Triple J in the car.
- Julia Stone - The Memory Machine at home. 
- Whatever the DJ decides to play at work tonight.

List Five - Weekend Goals

- Survive my first Saturday night on the bar!
- Organise an outfit for my party. 
- Spend some time with friends. 
- Don't dream alone. 
- Get ready for University week two. 

List Six - Least Favourite Words


- Oral Presentation/Speech/Class Participation. 
- Failure.
- 'Oh Mi Gawd'.
- See You En Tee. 
- 'Smile' (when strangers suggest it).
- Do the dishes.
- You need to eat.
- Change (only sometimes).
- Anything with incorrect spelling.

Hopefully next week I will have more time to get a little creative with this task!

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