Monday, March 28, 2011

Lessons I've Learned

Today's 30 Days of List's prompt is a little reflective. I kind of like that. When I originally read this topic I thought that I would have nothing to write about. I almost always do something stupid, over and over again, and I never seem to learn from the last time I did it. Like just last night I managed to lock my only key inside my car, on the very same day that my Mum had advised that I go and get a spare cut and I replied with "I like to live my life dangerously". Really I should have said, "I like to live my life stupidly". I sought out some male-minded help from my Papa and my boyfriend and they saved the day! After I worried un-necessarily about its retrieval, and began to dwell heavily on my stupidity, my boyfriend pointed out that stupid shit like this is ALWAYS going to happen, and I would be better off laughing about it, getting over it and just dealing with it. Anyway, those wise words are what kick started my "reflection" for this list.

 Lessons I've Learned (almost always the hard way) 

- No one can tell me who I am supposed to be. 
- Times change, and people change with them.
- Smell the milk. 
- Don't run down the stairs at work. 
- Sometimes it is okay to say Yes. 
- It is also okay to say No. 
- I am not a wizard.
- Double check library due dates. 
- Eating breakfast is actually good for me. 
- Parking front to curb does not mean the Parking Officer will not see my expired parking permit. 
- Procrastination leads to stress. 
- Take time to appreciate life's little things.
- Maccas coke will not cure my hang over. 
- Trust my instincts.
- Bite my tongue (this is yet to be achieved).

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