Thursday, March 31, 2011

List Thirty - To Do Today

Well here we are, we've finally reached the end of the list's. I can't believe that I actually committed myself to something for exactly thirty days. It became quite the novelty to wake up each morning to a new prompt. Something I will probably miss when I wake up tomorrow. At the end of it all though, I'd like to thank the lovely ladies from 30 Days of Lists, for curating this little project with just the right amount of fun. They reinvigorated my love of list making and influenced a level of regular blogging I once deemed impossible. For some posts, 30 Days of Lists allowed me to use my new camera, as well as some quick photoshop creativity. While on other days, the prompts merely inspired some personal reflection to be shared with the blogging world. I eagerly await the next round of lists! But for now, here are today's to-do's...

 Get through this three hour 'Law of Associations' class. 
Do my 'Family Law' readings. 
Make a delicious sammich. 
Wash my work clothes!
Start my 'Equity' assessment. 
Take Mindy to the vet. 
Get my car key cut. 
Visit Joel in the evening. 

Today is such a busy day for a Thursday! Assessments at Uni are starting to pick up, and if I want to maintain the lifestyle balance that I am enjoying at the moment I am going to have to start making a move on my assessments earlier than the night before they are due. That being said, I am certain that I will get through it all. Boyfriend visits in the evening can act like a reward for the days efforts.


  1. Hey! Great header, I love dream catchers!

    It shouldn't be a problem that you're in Australia for the candy swap. I'll mark you down as in :)

  2. you have amazing handwriting


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