Thursday, March 24, 2011

List Twenty Three - My Guilty Pleasures

"Guilty pleasures" suggests to me that I should be listing all those things that I love doing, but feel slightly guilty whilst doing them for one reason or another. Or even those things that I do... and part way though I think to myself "wow, am I actually normal?" I have so many, so I'll try to keep the list relatively shortish...

  • Sleeping in when I'm sharing my bed. Not just a few minutes or so... but hours.
  • Smelling new books.
  • Opening people's eyes while they are asleep.
  • Taking more than two showers a day.
  • Drinking cheap wine.
  • Spiderman kisses.
  • Spending so much money on new stationary.
  • Walking around in my underwear.
  • Eating the cake batter while I bake.
  • Watching complete TV Series all at once.
  • Biting.
  • Playing with Mindy's whiskers while she sleeps (I have a sleep thing okay!)

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